Diffusing and beyond
Diffusing and beyond
Diffusing and beyond

Diffusing and beyond

Top 5 tips to get the most out of your diffuser blends!

Last Updated: October 30, 2019
Contributor: Megan-Rose Talbot-Kelly

Diffusing—one of nature’s gifts that comes with a sigh of relief at the click of a button. Just like magic, our space is filled with a burst of refreshingly peaceful essential oil and we can settle back into our lives with a little more comfort and ease.

As fall settles in and we draw ourselves inward and indoors, we may find ourselves looking for different ways to incorporate the blends we love into more aspects of our day—aside from diffusing. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite ways to inspire a feeling of warmth, play with the blends you love, and get the most out of your experience with essential oils.


diffuser blend on dryerball


Keep it squeaky clean!

Have you ever considered laundry and cleaning—those seemingly mandatory weekends tasks—to actually be wellness rituals that keep you and your loved ones healthy? Everything we touch and inhale gets absorbed by the body, so why not enhance the cleaning experience by checking in with ourselves and adding a few 100% natural drops of an essential oil diffuser blend that will benefit our well being. Think about those blends—you know, the ones you diffuse less frequently or need to use up. If you’re soothed by lavender but dislike cleaning, consider adding a few drops of a blend containing lavender to soothe your stress away.

From bathrooms, kitchen countertops, and carpets to sprucing up our dryer balls with a few drops, essential oils have naturally occuring cleaning properties that can effectively support a healthier home environment. If you’ve got a four legged friend at home, be sure to check out our post about essential oils for pets.

Feeling curious? Check out our other 100% natural cleaning products that are good for your well-being and your home.


bathroom sink


Spruce up your loo!

What’s that supposed to mean, you ask? Sometimes life is all about the little things. In this case, we’re talking toilet paper rolls. A fun way to make the best of your favourite blends is to put a few drops of essential oil on the cardboard tube inside of your toilet paper roll. Every time someone unrolls some toilet paper, air will flow across the essential oil dispersing a hint of your favourite essential oils.


diffuser pad crystal necklace


Keep nature close to your heart!

Kiss synthetic perfumes goodbye and opt to breathe in the healing power of plants. Your favourite diffuser blends can travel with you anywhere just by adding a few drops to a naturally porous stone jewelry or to our beautiful crystal aromatherapy necklace.


tranquility diffuser blend


Goodnight, sleep tight!

Are you sharing sleeping quarters with someone who has a differing scent profile? If diffusing one blend at night doesn't work for your sleeping partner, we have a solution that will help you both breathe easy! Make use of any small piece of fabric, tissue, cotton ball, or even your pillow case by adding a couple drops of essential oil on the corner (or even underside) of your pillow.


running bath tub


Enhance your shower ritual!

Whether you’re getting ready before a big day or unwinding at the end of it, there’s power in choosing your favourite diffuser blend to help you along the way, especially when it comes to your shower ritual.

  1. Hang a eucalyptus bundle from your shower head and keep it fresh with a few drop of your favourite blend containing eucalyptus.
  2. Before getting into a warm shower, add a few drops of your chosen diffuser blend to the base of your tub and inhale as the vapour of the essential oil is carried out into the air by the steam.

Saje Tip: Our pores can become more open and receptive to oils when taking warm showers. For this reason, we recommend avoiding any citrus.

The power of smell can unlock our senses and transport us into a joyful and nostalgic state. Whether you’re adding a few drops of a grounding diffuser blend to the fabric of your suitcases before a flight or dropping a citrus splash to your sock drawer for a burst of sunshine in the mornings, there are so many fresh and exciting ways we can leverage diffuser blends to elevate our wellness and infuse more creativity in our lives. Now, go forth and play!

Megan-Rose Talbot-Kelly
Megan-Rose Talbot-Kelly
National Educator
As the National Educator at Saje Natural Wellness, Megan-Rose shares a personal wellness perspective and invites us into the spirit of holistic well-being. Megan-Rose holds designations in Reiki/Massage, Yoga Teaching, Nutrition and Aromatherapy that further support her in her goals of elevating global wellness, everyday. Outside of her affinity for research and education, Megan-Rose can be found hiking and stargazing on the west coast, nurturing her garden, and indulging in new plant based recipes.
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