Explore Our 100% Nature-Derived Body Butter
Explore Our 100% Nature-Derived Body Butter
Explore Our 100% Nature-Derived Body Butter

Explore Our 100% Nature-Derived Body Butter

Treat your skin to smooth, supple moisture that comes to us from nature

Last Updated: August 19, 2021
Contributor: Kristin Rondeau



Say it out loud: body butter. The way the words roll off your tongue and how they evoke the most luxurious and restorative mental picture of enveloping your body with rich, nourishing moisture.

Did you know that according to the Mayo Clinic, more than 50% of older adults have dry skin? They go on to say that while not usually serious, the risk of developing dry skin does continue to increase with age. The most common causes of dry skin include extreme temperatures - hot or cold weather, low levels of moisture in the air or exposure to overly hot water for a prolonged period of time. They say that it’s typically temporary - you might only experience it in the winter, for example, but it may also be a lifelong condition characterized by symptoms like a feeling of skin tightness, particularly after showering or bathing, skin that feels and looks rough and may be prone to itching or redness. Enter: body butter.

Just as the name suggests, when you think of the texture and consistency of real butter, you’re likely to envision density, richness and smoothness. The texture and consistency of our body care body butters mirrors this very closely! The reason for this has to do with water content. The easiest example to provide is the difference between body lotion and body butter; lotion tends to be thinner in viscosity, even a touch runnier and spreads onto the skin easily. Body butter is thicker, richer and needs a little more time to spread and fully absorb. Simply put, lotion has more water and body butter has less, making it the optimal choice for those seeking the deepest and most penetrating form of hydration for the skin.

All of the body butters we offer at Saje are made with similar bases, including three of the most renewing and supportive butters to help ensure your skin stays smooth and supple all day long. Let’s take a look at them here:



  1. Cocoa seed butter: acts as an excellent emollient for countering dry or cracked skin, is high in essential fats that are both easily absorbed and sit on the surface of the skin for many hours to promote hydration
  2. Mango seed butter: high in antioxidants, helps to soften the skin and is non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores
  3. Shea butter: helps reduce the appearance of skin inflammation and irritation like redness and dryness, has a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids to restore the healthy look and feel of the skin

Without further ado, let us introduce you to some of the body butters we love the most!



The two body butters we are featuring here were formulated to help target and address specific situations - when you’re trying to set the tone for rest and relaxation and after you’ve worked your body through movement and exercise and are looking to feel soothed and eased. As with all of our body butters, the base of the product is rich and hydrating and the essential oils have been carefully chosen for full-body support.

Sleep Well body butter: the newest product to join our incredibly popular Sleep Well line is this restful and tranquil body butter of the same name. Formulated for those who desire a rich, nourishing body care product they can also use to support their nighttime routine, Sleep Well is formulated with a series of essential oils that are renowned in aromatherapy for their beneficial effects in encouraging a state of deep rest like valerian, lavender, vetiver and roman chamomile. For best results and maximum hydration, we like to apply this soothing body butter after the bath or shower while our skin is still damp.


Person applying Saje Body Butter


Muscle Melt body butter: we suggest this sweet and camphorous body butter for decompressing your hardworking body and as part of a self care routine when your muscles and tissues are feeling overworked and achy. Blended with soothing and relieving essential oils like sweet birch, marjoram and rosemary, a hot tip is to pair this rich and creamy butter with a massage tool like a foam roller or a massage ball to feel extra ease in the body.



Just like a cup of hot tea or a good book, some products are formulated more for relaxation and enjoyment than they are for treating an ailment or a specific condition you might be experiencing. Two of the body butters we love the most are blended for a pleasant and tantalizing aromatic experience while they also help support the continued health and wellness of smooth, supple skin.

Tantra body butter: our Tantra line of products was created for those who gravitate towards a warmer, spicier scent profile. This blend is formulated with earthy and woody notes of patchouli and sandalwood, known to help you feel grounded and peaceful, alongside sweeter notes of orange and champa for an uplifting and harmonizing experience for the senses.


Person applying Saje Body Butter


Yoga body butter: the Yoga line of products is another well-loved Community favorite, including a top selling diffuser blend of the same name. Similar to the Tanta line in that the aromatic experience is at the forefront, Yoga was blended to evoke deeply meditative feelings and to allow stillness to envelop both the body and mind. Formulated with earthy and peaceful patchouli, sweet and sunny orange, floral and citrusy neroli and woody, grounding cedarwood, we like to use this body butter to accompany a self care practice like yoga, stretching, journaling or meditation so we can treat our skin while we treat our mind and body.



Another product we are well known for here at Saje are our rich, thick, easy to apply and long lasting lip balm formulas. 100% natural lip balm is important for a few reasons; firstly, artificial fragrances have no place being that close to your mouth, especially when it comes to the possibility of accidental ingestion. Even the act of licking our lips can mean that trace amounts of product are being absorbed into the mouth which is a no-no when it comes to synthetic ingredients. Another reason is that the skin of the lips is actually some of the most sensitive and environmentally-susceptible skin we have - prone to sunburn, windburn, chapping and flaking. Being mindful of choosing high quality, soothing and renewing ingredients as part of your lip care products is as important as the products we choose for our bodies.

Tingle Lips balm: this refreshing and minty favorite is a best-seller simply for how effective and convenient it is. Blending a richly nourishing base of coconut oil, beeswax and shea nut butter with a hint of mint from peppermint essential oil, this lip balm will leave you feeling hydrated and stimulated.

Lip Nourish salve: those of you who are savvy longtime Saje aficionados may recall this product from its previous inception called Virgin Lips. Offered at that time in a round pot, we heard the feedback from our Community that an easier to use format would be a squeeze tube; simpler and more hygienic to apply than dipping our fingers into the small pot. This lip salve is a holy grail lip product, helping to restore your lips to their smoothest state. Castor seed oil, cocoa seed butter and vitamin E are blended together with spearmint, fennel and peppermint essential oils for a cooling, soothing lip treatment experience.


Person applying Lip Nourish salve


Lip Protect salve: lastly, this protective salve is perfect for those who love spending time in the sun or whose lips are feeling extra thirsty. This formula contains carrot seed oil, known for its ability to keep skin supple and moisturized, especially after sun exposure. Also blended with nourishing shea nut butter, vitamin E and aloe vera, this salve has an earthier aroma from the palmarosa, patchouli and roman chamomile essential oils.



Alongside body butter, we wanted to offer two additional body care products for consideration as part of your daily wellness routine. Whether you prefer bathing or showering, rest assured that our clean, natural and nature-derived ingredients can support you in feeling your best from head to toe.

Tingle Mint Jute & Joy: gently exfoliate, cleanse, refresh and soften your skin with this minty soap-filled wash pad, with essential oils of peppermint, spearmint and rosemary. Made from 100% natural jute fibers, this is our most well-loved body care product for daily use. Jute is an environmentally responsible vegetal fiber in that it has the ability to biodegrade completely and requires less water than cotton for growing the crop. Go ahead and lather up with freshness!


Jute & Joy Wash Pad


Stress Release bath salt soak: soothe stressful feelings like worry and restlessness with this ultra calming, tranquil and stress-busting blend of lavender, vetiver, geranium and clary sage. These calming essential oils are blended with 100% naturally derived sea and epsom salts for a luxurious soak that will help ease both your body and mind. Add a few tablespoons of salt to your full bath and soak for up to 30 minutes for best results.



While you may be familiar with more conventional products like soaps and lotions, body butter is new to a lot of us in that it provides an additional option for even the driest skin looking to be hydrated and soothed. Below are three tips for incorporating body butter into your personal wellness routine:


Person applying Saje Body Butter

  1. Butter is thicker than water. As mentioned above, body butter’s thicker, richer consistency comes to us from a lower concentration of water within the product. The simplest decision when it comes to choosing lotion or body butter is relative to how deeply hydrated you would like your skin to be.
  2. How you apply matters! For an optimal experience when using body butter at home, we recommend using a scoop or spatula to remove the product from the tub, emulsifying slightly in your hands (the heat from your hands will help to soften the product and optimize it for application) and applying to skin, starting at your feet and legs and working your way up.
  3. Use often and in a timely manner. When it comes to formulating truly 100% natural products for the body, you can rest assured they’ve been created absent of any synthetic ingredients like parabens or preservatives. What this means relative to our body butters is to use often and use quickly. Typically we suggest using your entire body butter within 6-8 months of opening for optimal freshness and experience.
Self care sometimes looks like creating space for things that bring you joy.

—Nedra Tawwab

Kristin Rondeau
Kristin Rondeau
National Educator
Naturally curious and a passionate advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, Kristin’s goal through education is to invite us into reflection and contemplation in deciding what wellness means to each of us individually. A former Torontonian now based out of Vancouver, Kristin is an avid student of crystal energy work, breathwork, meditation and aromatherapy, with a deep-seated affinity for houseplants and exploration of the West Coast.
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