How to use the In The Buff Dry Brush
How to use the In The Buff Dry Brush
How to use the In The Buff Dry Brush

Dry Brushing

Why this ancient practice is having a major comeback, and how to do it.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022

Saje Co-Founder Jean-Pierre LeBlanc likes to say, “if something old isn’t working, then try something older!” Dry brushing has been practiced by many cultures as a wellness ritual for its various health benefits. The historical perspective is that the practice promoted proper blood circulation, stimulated the lymphatic system and removed dead cells from the skin, helping the body flush out and eliminate buildup. 

We know that incorporating dry brushing in your everyday routine will bring a spa feeling to your self-care ritual.

How it works

Dry brushing is a stimulating ritual that involves brushing the skin before bathing. It helps remove dull, surface skin cells and supports your body’s natural revitalization processes, unveiling soft, smooth skin. Daily dry brushing will awaken and energize the nervous system, increasing overall blood circulation throughout your body.


What it’s made from

Our In the Buff Natural Bristle Dry Brush is made from natural, long-lasting sisal fibres. Sisal is a species of agave: a plant native to southern Mexico, but can be widely found in other countries. Sisal fibres are sourced from a cactus-like plant’s large, fleshy leaves.


Why it matters

You have probably heard before that our skin is our largest organ, but did you know that it is also referred to as our third kidney? Just like our kidneys, our skin helps to eliminate waste from our body. Dry brushing removes the top layer of dead skin cells and unclogs pores, which encourages new skin cells to grow. Doing this allows your skin the space to release what your body no longer needs.

Dry brushing is similar to massage. The light pressure against your skin and the direction in which you massage helps to speed up your body’s natural processes by improving blood circulation.


How to use a dry brush


How to dry brush

Dry brushing can be done daily, preferably in the morning to kickstart your nervous system.

  1. Stand in your bath or shower, then gently brush skin in an upward motion towards the heart.
  2. Start at the feet and hands, then brush upwards to stimulate the stomach, arms and shoulders.
  3. After brushing, bathe as usual, then use an all-natural moisturizer to replenish your skin.

Top tips

  • The increase in circulation may turn your skin pink during brushing – don’t worry, it’s normal!
  • Use light pressure with the brush. The first few uses may be a little uncomfortable as your body gets used to the feeling.
  • Avoid brushing delicate skin on the face, neck and chest areas, and sensitive areas such as open cuts, abrasions and any patches of eczema or psoriasis.
  • Spend more time around your knees and inner thighs, the sides of your torso, underneath your arms, and all around where your lymph nodes are located.
  • Start with dry brushing a few times a week for a few minutes. Progress to once a day once you have allowed your skin to adapt to the sensation. Do whatever feels right for you!

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Perfect Pairings

  • Use Cleanse Purifying Oil Blend before or after dry brushing to help tone, fortify and cleanse the system.
  • Some people use the brush on its own, others put a bit of body oil onto the brush after they shower. Try adding your favourite Saje Bath, Body and Massage Oil to the brush and apply the same as you would if it was dry.
  • Apply Cellutone Bath, Body & Massage Oil after you dry brush and shower for added stimulation.
  • Follow up with your favorite Saje lotion to replenish your skin.

How to care for your In the Buff Dry Brush

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from the shower or bath. Once a week, rinse your brush with cool water and hang to dry.

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