This Season's Most Sought After Wellness Gifts
This Season's Most Sought After Wellness Gifts
This Season's Most Sought After Wellness Gifts

This Season's Most Sought After Wellness Gifts

Gift giving has never been easier with these top picks and recommendations for the holiday’s best and brightest.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Kristin Rondeau

Give wellness gifts to everyone on your list


As we approach the big day, you might find yourself stumped when it comes to shopping for everyone on your list. This year we’ve seen many people dip their toes into the world of wellness, as keeping ourselves healthy and feeling well overall skyrocketed in importance. Friends and family who might otherwise have not explored natural product options for things like sleep troubles or symptoms of stress have been reaching for alternatives to synthetic chemicals and pharmaceuticals in record numbers.

“As a result of environmental awareness, trends led by young consumers, and greater knowledge about wellness, many of today’s consumers are demanding greater transparency in the products they purchase. More consumers want to know where their products come from and what their ingredients are.” says Shoshanna Delventhal in an article for Investopedia. What better time than the present to consider gift giving plant-based, 100% natural products to everyone on your list this year? Read on to learn more about the wellness gifts we’re the most excited about.

Wellness gifts for the holiday home


Let’s face it, we’ve never spent this much time at home. Our homes have become our home offices, our gyms, our daycares and our self care spaces. We all want to feel comfortable and settled in the space we’re spending our time, and these wellness gifts were designed to help elevate the scent and feel of your home with the healing power of plants. Both design and scent preference are personal to all of us, and so we’re sharing our top picks for diffusers, blends and air sprays for every room of the home.

Aroma Glow diffuser: the prettiest diffuser we’re offering this holiday season! Designed to cast an ambient glow that’s reminiscent of staring up at the moon, this diffuser offers one of our longest continuous run times, coming in at approximately 9 hours. Perfect for a home office or bedroom, this diffuser can last the length of a work day or a full night’s rest. Made from polyresin and including the optional LED light feature that creates the glow in your space, we’re so excited to add this limited edition diffuser to our holiday collection!


aroma glow


Morning to Night diffuser and blends kit: another one of the diffusers we have fallen for this season is our Aroma Zen, being offered this year as a limited edition, hand poured black and white marble. With subtle, unique differences to each diffuser cover, we love the continuous and intermittent run time options this diffuser offers, clocking in at about 5-10 total hours. One of the most highly requested gifts we offer each year is a diffuser that includes blends, and so we’ve chosen an uplifting citrusy blend called Citrus Dream, blended with grapefruit, neroli and lemon and Unwind, a relaxing blend of lavender, bergamot and cinnamon to include in our kit this year so that you truly have options for morning to night.

Good Cheer diffuser blend kit: what would the holidays look like at Saje each year if we didn’t see the return of our most nostalgic and crowd pleasing diffuser blends as part of our Good Cheer kit? This year, we’re offering five returning favorites to help invite the smells of the season into your home, like sweetness, spice and everything nice. Deep Forest is a blend of woodsy with a touch of warmth, including douglas fir, western hemlock and clove, Tree Scents is a fresh evergreen in a bottle with pine needle, cypress and cedarwood, Festive Friday is a cheery and uplifting blend with ylang ylang, fennel and patchouli, All The Feels is a warm and cozy blend of orange, balsam peru and yuzu and rounding out the kit is fan favorite Peppermint Twist, a refreshing citrus-mint blend of peppermint, orange and benzoin.


good cheer kit


Room Spray kit: when you’re looking to change the vibe in a room fast, we know scent is the quickest way to do it. Whether you’re looking for freshness, sweetness, or just to add a dash of cheer, this kit provides four options for creating the home scent of your dreams. Included are four limited edition blends, including three that are brand new to Saje this holiday. We start with Liquid Sunshine, one of our best selling product lines that includes citrusy grapefruit, lime and mandarin, Fresh Start which is a deodorizing combination of nana mint, lemon and eucalyptus, Peaceful Slumber for setting the tone for rest in the bedroom, blended with marjoram, myrtle and roman chamomile and lastly Peppermint Twist, our festive natural twist on a candy cane to help invite the holidays into your home.

Wellness gifts for rest and relaxation


Something else we could all do with more of this year is rest and relaxation. No matter your geographical location in 2020, chances are you experienced the ups and downs that came with shifts in both our professional and personal lives, and you might be looking for a little extra help in feeling rested. Below are two kits we’re loving this season for helping us to feel at ease.

Ready For Bed kit: if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I could use a hand when it comes to building a nighttime routine” this kit might be just what you need. It contains four products all designed to complement one another as part of a bedtime ritual; Sleep Well roll-on for your throat, chest and feet to help your body feel rested and your mind feel calmed, Tranquility body butter to help moisturize and nourish your skin while helping you also feel peaceful, Dream Rest mist to spritz over your pillows and sheets before you climb in and an eye shade mask made from recycled water bottles in the form of RPET material to help block out light and ensure you get your coveted 7-9 hours per night.


ready for bed kit


Lavender Trio: this kit is perfect in two ways; it contains three products specifically to include in your daily body care routine and it was curated for those who can’t get enough of the sweet, floral scent of lavender. One of the most well renowned essential oils there is to support feeling relaxed, this kit has our Lavender Love bar soap to cleanse the body, Lavender & Friends body lotion to treat your skin post bath or shower and a nurturing Lavender mist that can be used as a personal spritz to help encourage the mind and body to slow down.

Wellness gifts for feeling balanced and centered


Even when the hustle and bustle of the season is filled with joy and celebration, it’s prudent to be prepared for the inevitable feelings of stress that hosting, or not hosting, may bring this year. Choosing products that are free of synthetic fragrances and chemicals to help the body and mind find balance is just what we’re offering this year; we’ve chosen two of our favorite gift sets to help support feeling ready for anything.

Peace of Mind kit: this kit was curated with four different wellness products to encourage you to find balance and harmony throughout your day. Our popular Stress Release roll-on can be applied to the temples, wrists and jawline anytime you’re feeling tense, Unwind mist is a perfect personal spritz for moments of feeling overwhelmed, our Deep Breath nasal inhaler is a clearing and opening blend of ingredients to help you feel clarified and the Relax-O-Ring made from healing plated copper can be massaged up and down the fingers as needed to relieve nervous energies and invite stillness.


peace of mind


Reflexology Rituals: a mat designed to help revive and re energize tired feet, this kit also includes two roll-on’s to support putting some pep back in your step, our #1 best selling Peppermint Halo and our naturally boosting blend called Energy. The idea is that you’d apply the product to the soles of the feet before stepping onto the mat, and then the different sized and textured parts of the mat help stimulate and invigorate the feet, providing energy to the whole body!

Wellness gifts for self care


The weather tends to get cooler as we head towards the holidays and we know one area of our body that doesn’t always thrive during the chillier months; our skin. Many people report extra dryness, redness or inflammation caused by a number of factors like wind and indoor heating. Luckily, you can treat your skin to nourishing, softening and smoothing natural ingredients that are both good for you and good for the planet. These skin care kits are surefire crowd pleasers anyone would be happy to unwrap on holiday morning.

Good Skin Day kit: one of our favorite gifts to give this year includes four different products to help enhance your skin care routine. Start with a cleansing combination of our Skin So Clean cleanser and Konjac Care Bamboo Charcoal sponge. Both of these products help to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin without harsh abrasives like apricot kernel or walnut shells, frequently used in facial exfoliants. Next, treat your skin to moisture and nutrients from ingredients like rosehip and evening primrose oil with Balancing Elixir. Finally, the Clay Cleanse mask is a treatment intended for use 1-3 times per week to help purify and remove toxins from the face.

Glow On kit: another skin care kit we love, Glow On contains an elixir called Rejuvenating, perfect for normal to dry or mature skin that needs a little extra TLC when it comes to rehydration. The second piece in this kit is a facial dry brush made from bamboo bristles which when massaged into clean, dry skin helps to even skin tone through massage and increased circulation.


glow on kit


Our wellness gift recommendations are sure to please


Wellness gifts are those that let our friends and family know that we have their best interests in mind; we want to help them find products that fit seamlessly into their routines and help enhance their lifestyle. From skin care to body care, products for the home and products for the mind, make gift giving easy this year.

Kristin Rondeau
Kristin Rondeau
National Educator
Naturally curious and a passionate advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, Kristin’s goal through education is to invite us into reflection and contemplation in deciding what wellness means to each of us individually. A former Torontonian now based out of Vancouver, Kristin is an avid student of crystal energy work, breathwork, meditation and aromatherapy, with a deep-seated affinity for houseplants and exploration of the West Coast.
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