Wellness Products for Back to School
Wellness Products for Back to School
Wellness Products for Back to School

Wellness Products for Back to School

Products to support your home and your family during the new school year.

Last Updated: June 22, 2022
Contributor: Kristin Rondeau

Get back to a routine with products to support back to school


With summer still hanging in the air, it’s hard to imagine the crispness of Fall is just around the corner. What most of us have experienced this year is nothing short of unconventional, and back to school this Fall is no different. We know that many regions across the world will be heading into this school year under different circumstances and for many families, that still includes learning from home. We wanted to put together a resource that you can use to help choose products you can feel good about the whole family using.


Back to school with 100% natural, plant-based products for your family


One of the ways we can ensure we are putting our family’s well-being top of mind is by choosing products that support them not only mentally, but physically. Did you know that acute (short term) exposure to toxins can be as damaging as chronic (long term) exposure? According to this article, “either may cause health effects that are immediate or health effects that may not occur for some time.” The good news is that when you are choosing products from Saje to support the wellness of your home and body, you can rest assured that every product we offer is free of synthetic chemicals, parabens, phthalates and other harmful toxins that can build up in the body over time, causing innumerable health conditions. What a celebration - products that are truly good for you!


Back to school with products to keep your home squeaky clean


Some of our most well-loved products come from our Home Cleaning category, and are here to support you with everything from extra dishes to sticky countertops. These products are 100% natural, plant-based and use innovative ingredients derived from plants like corn and coconut to help keep your home in good health.

Dish Wish dish soap: a zesty blend of grapefruit and lemon that is gentle on your hands while being tough on grease and food stains


dish wish


Multi Clean all purpose cleanser: keep surfaces in your home like countertops, cupboards, kitchen cabinets and even the bathroom feeling sparkling clean with bleach, ammonia and toxin-free blend of essential oils and plant-derived ingredients


multi clean


Airoma Loo room spray: keep stale or stinky odors at bay with a cleansing, neutralizing blend of peppermint, lavender and spearmint that can be sprayed anywhere, anytime you need a refresh in your home


Back to school with gentle, safe products for your skin


When it comes to personal hygiene, we know an emphasis on good old fashioned hand washing is here to stay. Invest in products that are both cleansing and hydrating, and follow up with a nourishing lotion for extra staying power.

Our foaming hand soaps, like Tingle Mint and Liquid Sunshine, are chock full of essential oils like peppermint, rosemary and bergamot, known to be cleansing. The secret to our foaming hand soaps is the base: coconut and sunflower oils help keep hands feeling soothed and softened, wash after wash

Moisturizing your hands to avoid dehydrated skin will be extra important as we head towards the colder months and drier air. Reach for Healing Hands, a combination of comforting aloe vera and apricot kernel oil blended with lavender and geranium, whenever you need an extra dose of moisture


Back to school with cleansed and refreshed air in your home


Diffusers are one of the easiest and most effective ways you can refresh the air that you and your family breathe. Not only are they beautiful decorative pieces, they serve to provide refreshed air while offering the ability to personalize your scent experience.

Aroma Om diffuser: choose this medium sized unit, available in white, black or stone, for smaller bedrooms and home offices

Aroma Om Deluxe diffuser: choose this large unit, available in white, black or stone, for open air spaces like living rooms and dining rooms


aroma om deluxe


Refresh diffuser blend: deodorize and neutralize odors with this fresh blend of spearmint, lemon and eucalyptus


refresh diffuser blend


Deep Breath diffuser blend: get ready to breathe deeply with this opening, clearing blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and marjoram

Fortified Breeze diffuser blend: experience the comforting, restorative properties of cleansing tea tree, lemon and pine


This year, back to school means back to basics


As we think collectively about what back to school looks and feels like this year, take the guesswork out of one thing: choosing products you know you can trust to support the wellness and vitality of you and your loved ones all year long.

Kristin Rondeau
Kristin Rondeau
National Educator
Naturally curious and a passionate advocate for a plant-based lifestyle, Kristin’s goal through education is to invite us into reflection and contemplation in deciding what wellness means to each of us individually. A former Torontonian now based out of Vancouver, Kristin is an avid student of crystal energy work, breathwork, meditation and aromatherapy, with a deep-seated affinity for houseplants and exploration of the West Coast.
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Multi Clean
Airoma Loo®
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Healing Hands
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