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Celebrating mother's day with a natural wellness gift guide

Last Updated: 04/05/2024


While we’d be the first to tell you how important it is to celebrate, acknowledge and appreciate the moms and mother figures in our lives every day, there’s something special about knowing they have a day – a holiday! - reserved for them each year, nonetheless.

Here at Saje, when we think about gifting our moms, we think about beautiful, functional and personalized products to support their physical, emotional and environmental wellness. We want our moms to feel seen, heard and encouraged to take time in support of themselves, their happiness and their health. Each year, we carefully curate a selection of wellness gifts with some of the best natural, plant-based products available on the market today – only the best for our moms!

Read on to learn more about the gift assortment we have on offer this year.


One of the most popular gifts we offer at Saje is our array of ultrasonic diffusers. Diffusers make great gifts because not only are they functional, (they refresh the air in a space, they help to create a naturally scented oasis, they support you in setting a mood in your home) they are beautiful, sculptural art-like pieces that can double as décor no matter where they’re placed.

This Mother’s Day, we’re introducing two brand-new, limited-edition diffusers called the Aroma Muse, offered in a cool-toned classic colorway, mineral grey, and a warm-toned, on-trend pastel colorway called soft peach. These diffusers are extra special as each of the ceramic lids is hand dipped, creating a gorgeous two-tone finish with a glossy top and matte painted bottom that looks chic and stylish in whichever room they decide to use it.    

This diffuser offers both continuous and intermittent mist settings with a run time of between 6-12 hours. We recommend these diffusers in small to medium-sized spaces, like bedrooms, home offices and bathrooms for optimal scent experience.


And of course, what would a new diffuser be without a brand-new, limited edition diffuser blend collection? We’re thrilled to offer our Mother Earth collection for the first time this year with three thoughtfully curated blends formulated to help recognize and celebrate the vast and diverse assortment of plants available to us in nature and the unique scents and benefits they offer.

This kit contains a trio of never-before-smelled blends at Saje called Sky, Earth and Sea. Each blend contains ingredients inspired by the earth’s elements and has been formulated in support of our collective mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.    

Sky is a fresh and revitalizing diffuser blend made from red mandarin, ho wood, clary sage, goldenrod and rose, and was blended to help promote relaxation and to create feelings of openness and connection.

Earth is a rich and grounding diffuser blend made from balsam fir, vetiver, juniper, patchouli and labdanum (rock rose). It was blended in support of releasing fear and trusting Mother Earth to provide stability and direction in your life.

Sea is a cleansing and renewing diffuser blend made from eucalyptus, tea tree, spearmint, peppermint, sweet birch and ylang ylang and was blended to inspire purification, release and regeneration through the symbolism of water.


We’re introducing Restful Ritual for the first time and hoping this kit will inspire them to create rituals and a wind down routine in support of a healthy and mindful nighttime regimen.

Here at Saje, we’re big fans of catching zzz’s and we think it’s important to encourage peace and calm for our moms, too. Sleep is the foundation on which all other pillars of our wellness are built, and this kit contains three products to help start this new routine.    

Sleep Well roll-on is our #1 best-selling product for sleep and is a powerful and grounding blend of essential oils known to encourage both the body and mind to still, calm down and prepare for rest, like valerian root, vetiver, lavender and roman chamomile. Dreamy is a limited-edition nighttime hand cream available exclusively as part of this kit and was formulated with coconut oil, shea butter, petitgrain and neroli to smooth, soften and promote relief from dryness on the hands while soothing and balancing the mind with its sweet and earthy aroma. The third item is a highly sought-after weighted eye mask to act in support of falling, and staying, asleep.


We’ve recently re-launched a brand-new skincare collection and are excited to see a few of the most popular items show up in our Dew Renew skincare kit. This is also a three-piece kit, designed to help encourage a simple, effective skincare routine that supports cleansing, refreshing and treating the face.    

Featured are two of the popular products from our True Dew line, our cream cleanser and face oil. Formulated specifically for those who identify themselves as having dry or mature skin, or skin that appears dull and lacks that brilliance and radiance we’re all seeking, these products can help to deeply cleanse and treat the face while also restoring a healthy-looking glow and luminosity.

The third product in the kit is a mini size of our well-loved Rose Mist. This rich, floral and balancing blend is versatile in that it can be used to refresh the face after cleansing and throughout the day and is also a fantastic hair and body mist. A few spritzes of a luxurious rose mist can brighten anyone’s day!


The last of the limited-edition kits we’re showcasing as part of our Mother’s Day gift guide is a back-by-popular-demand gift kit called the Happy Place Duo, created in partnership with our friend Jillian Harris. This kit was designed to help create a home that feels bright, refreshing, energized and clean through the power of scent.  

Included in this duo are two products, an air spray and a diffuser blend, made with sweet, citrusy and uplifting essential oils of orange, grapefruit, neroli and rose geranium to help scent the home, naturally. These items are not sold separately and will be available as part of this special Mother’s Day collection while supplies last.


There are two more product categories we want to highlight to create options for anyone gift giving this year. These are some of our best-selling and most well-loved product categories, which means we already know they make excellent gifts.


The Goddess collection is a franchise of products made with essential oils that are known in aromatherapy to be rich, floral, sweet and enticing. Floral essential oils are often thought to be balancing and harmonizing, making them perfect self-care additions. Though there are slight differences in formula throughout the products in the Goddess line, expect to see tantalizing notes of rose, jasmine, neroli and ylang ylang alongside sweet citruses like orange and lime. Products in this line include:

Goddess diffuser blend: an inspiring and euphoric blend, formulated to be used in your choice of ultrasonic diffuser

Goddess crystal deodorant spray: stay fresh on the go with this mineral salt deodorant spray that helps to neutralize odor-causing bacteria and keep you feeling renewed all day long

Goddess Jute & Joy: awaken your senses in the shower with a luscious lather of precious florals for cleansing and skin softening


The Liquid Sunshine collection is a franchise of products made with naturally mood-boosting, sweet and zesty citrus essential oils that are known in aromatherapy to help you feel happy and to have a positive outlook. Though almost exclusively a collection of citrus essential oils like grapefruit, orange, bergamot and lime, you’ll see we make the odd exception for a truly sensational ingredient like the subtle, floral notes of palmarosa we’ve added to the hand cream. Read more about this popular collection of products below:

Liquid Sunshine diffuser blend: a bright and cheerful blend best diffused during the daytime or anytime you’re looking to feel boosted and enlivened

Liquid Sunshine hand cream: a smoothing and softening hand cream that absorbs easily, isn’t greasy and leaves skin feeling silky and hydrated. We’ve added a floral touch of palmarosa to the formula for its properties such as nourishing and moisturizing dry skin

Liquid Sunshine bar soap: a fresh and zesty bar soap that can be used to freshen hands at the sink or as a head-to-toe citrusy cleanser in the bath or shower

Liquid Sunshine foaming hand soap: cleanse your skin while elevating your mood with a formula free of artificial fragrance and alcohol, both of which can be drying to the skin. Instead, lock in moisture and keep hands soft with coconut and sunflower oils and zesty fresh citruses


We hope this gift guide has helped inspire you to treat your mom to wellness this year, and all year. For more gifting ideas, head into your local Saje store or reach out to us at for personalized support.

A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

— Marion C. Garretty

Kristen Rondeau
Contributor & Editor
Kristen Rondeau
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