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Feel better on the fly

Last Updated: 06/20/2023

There’s no bigger holiday buzzkill than feeling less than 100%. Unfortunately, when we’re running from one social event to another, spending time in malls and airports, and abandoning our typical wellness routine, we often we start to feel overwhelmed, rundown and a little less than jolly.

The holidays aren’t going to get less hectic anytime soon, which is why we turn to compact fixes to help us feel better when we’re on the go. The perfect size to pop in your purse, store in your car or stow in your suitcase, these will be your little lifesavers when the eggnog and late nights catch up with you. Ready to fa-la-la-la-feel better? Let’s do this:



Any of these sound familiar? Your trip home for the holidays leaves you with sniffles and chills. You’ve got a pounding headache the morning after the office Christmas party. Your stomach is turning on you after seconds (or, let’s be real, thirds) of mashed potatoes and stuffing. Enter: Pocket Farmacy, a collection of our five most supportive remedial blends designed to ease all your wellness woes.

Carry this with you wherever you go and roll your way to a happy, healthy holiday season. For a wellness solution as on point as your holiday outfit, try the Pocket Farmacy Clutch (coming soon!) and keep all your essential close at hand.

  Saje Pocket Farmacy

Pack your Pocket Farmacy Clutch wherever you go this holiday season. Also pictured, Golden Presence Aromatherapy Necklace.



It’s hard to feel holly and jolly when you’re feeling under the weather. Instead of drowning your sorrows in a cheesy made-for-TV holiday special, have a night in with fortifying essential oil blends. The Complete Fortify Convenience Kit comes equipped with an Echinacea Herbal Spray Supplement, as well as a fortifying essential oil blend and a restorative bath soak—both loaded with tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils. Soak in the tub, spritz your throat, roll on Fortify and you’ll be in fine festive form in no time.

  Saje Essential Oil Blends

Feel better fast with our trusted essential oil blends.



When the holidays arrive in all their glitz and glory, the desire to wear things that sparkle and shine is real. Add a little shimmer and wellness to your look with our aromatherapy jewellery. Unclasp the pendant (we’re loving the new gold-plated Gem Pendant Necklace) and add a few drops of your favourite diffuser blend to the cotton pad inside. By choosing a blend that supports your wellness, you’ll carry grounding, revitalizing feels with you all day and all night.



It’s a scene you likely recognize all too well: the car is packed, traffic is gridlocked, the kids are having a moment and you’re still hours away from your final destination. We can end up spending a lot of time in our cars over the holidays, whether we’re travelling to visit family or rushing to the grocery store to get last minute ingredients for dinner. Why not infuse a little wellness into your ride?

The Road to Wellness Kit includes the Aroma Car diffuser and festive Sleigh Ride diffuser blend to bring the benefit 100% natural essential oils to your time spent on the road. Your ride will take a turn for the better when you breathe in the aromas of the season and belt out a holiday classic or two (Mariah Carey, anyone?).



Sometimes feeling better is just a few deep, cleansing breaths away. Supercharge your wellness with the Inhaler Duo and breathe in wellness-boosting, stress-relieving essential oils wherever, whenever. Toss the Fortify Inhaler in your travel bag to maintain your wellbeing on the move. Keep Stress Release nearby to breathe in calming, healing aromas when you need it most.

While the holidays may put a pause on your regular routines, keeping 100% natural, wellness-boosting essential oil blends on hand will help you stay feeling fabulous. Deck the halls while feeling like your best self all season long.

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