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Gender neutral gifts to give this year

Last Updated: 06/16/2023



If there’s one thing we believe about wellness, it’s that wellness is for everyone. We believe that anyone who wants to invest in their health, who wants to take charge of their wellness and swap out harmful synthetic chemicals and toxin-laden cosmetics for fragranced-by-nature and plant-based wellness products, should have the opportunity to do so.

When you’re considering gender neutral gifts this holiday season, we want it to feel simple and seamless. We take the guesswork out of gender neutral giving because every product we offer is formulated with the idea that this product could support your:

  • Physical wellness, like helping to ease symptoms of stress or pain
  • Emotional wellness, like inviting cheerful feelings to replace heavy ones
  • Spiritual wellness, like helping you connect to a mindfulness practice

Read on for more ideas about gender neutral gifts for the people in your life.



We celebrate at Saje that we are continuing to find ways to elevate our collection of products that are designed to support the health and wellness of our largest organ, our skin. Though Saje was founded on remedial products to support ailments like tummy troubles or headaches, we strive to create lifestyle products that support you in choosing natural from head to toe.

Gifts we love:

Glow On collection: an antioxidant-rich skin care collection that was specifically formulated for normal/combination skin. This skin care kit contains our first ever oil cleanser, designed as a primary facial cleanser or as step one in a double cleanse routine, a balancing moisturizer for daily hydration and a face oil made from harmonizing ingredients like plant squalane that’s been fermented from cane sugar for non-oily hydration, raspberry seed oil that’s been upcycled and diverted from food waste for its nourishing and protective properties and parsley seed oil, known to cleanse and tone the skin.


These wellness gifts are good for everyone on your list


True Dew collection: a rejuvenating and deeply hydrating skin care collection that was specifically formulated for dry/mature skin. This skin care kit contains our popular cream cleanser to gently remove makeup and keep the skin feeling soft, a nourishing moisturizer for added hydration and a face oil made from vitamin-dense pomegranate seed oil to visibly reduce the signs of aging, prickly pear seed oil to prevent skin damage, rose essential oil to protect from emotional and environmental stressors and helichrysum essential oil to renew the skin and reduce the visible appearance of redness.

Mistle-Glow Duo: we’ve paired a luxurious and highly efficacious facial sculpting tool that’s been designed to sculpt, massage and contour the face with our versatile Glow On face oil to smooth, hydrate and restore the skin. We recommend applying the face oil then using the facial sculpting tool to lift and renew the skin, leaving it glowing.



It wouldn’t quite be the holidays if we didn’t include our favorite version of home decor. If you’re not a tinsel and wreath type of person, you might find yourself drawn to the idea of using an ultrasonic diffuser as a home decor statement piece. Beautiful and functional, our diffusers are inspired by shapes and materials that you can choose from based on your personal tastes and aesthetic preferences. We’ve also included our favorite item to complement a new diffuser, our Good Cheer diffuser blend collection.

Gifts we love:

Aroma Lift Kit - uplifting edition: our best-selling Aroma Lift diffuser, now in marbled polyresin, comes with two diffuser blends to support your wellness during the busy holiday season. Festive Friday is a sweet and spicy limited-edition blend that we’ve paired with our clearing and deodorizing Refresh blend to keep your home feeling uplifted all day long. The diffuser itself runs between 5-10 hours depending on a continuous or intermittent setting.

Aroma Light Starry Night: if you’re looking for a statement piece this holiday, you’ve found it! We’re gushing over this passive diffuser with a starry night design that uses a halogen bulb to offer a gentle aroma in the air. Add water and your favorite diffuser blend to the small glass dish and let the heat from the halogen bulb offer a subtle scent in your space.

Aroma Free Kit – celebration edition: our brand new cordless and rechargeable diffuser has been paired this season with a limited edition, holiday-exclusive diffuser blend called Joyful Blooms, designed to help you bring wellness with you wherever you go in your home. This sleek white diffuser can run for 4-8 hours on a continuous or intermittent setting and is intended to act as décor in your space while the uplifting notes of tangerine, jasmine and magnolia fill the air.

Good Cheer diffuser blend collection: every year at this time, we bring back old favorites to help you celebrate the holidays with blends that make you feel cozy, warm and truly at home. This year, our kit contains five blends, Peppermint Twist, Sugar Plum Fairy, Deep Forest, Festive Friday and All The Feels, formulated to invite the scents of the holiday into your space. These blends are woodsy, sweet, spicy and comforting to support turning your home into a holiday oasis.


These wellness gifts are good for everyone on your list




If you’re looking to gift a host or someone you know is entertaining in their home this holiday, we’ve got you covered. All our gift suggestions are gender neutral and 100% natural, which means they were designed with everyone’s enjoyment in mind.

Gifts we love:

12 Days of Wellness: this year our countdown calendar consists of 12 different wellness products designed to support physical, emotional and environmental wellness for all. We’ve curated 12 of our most well-loved products, like our Liquid Sunshine diffuser blend and our Peppermint Halo roll-on in limited edition travel sizes, making this the perfect gift for anyone who is new to natural or who is looking to explore new-to-them products. This fun and festive countdown calendar is an excellent way to introduce anyone to the joys of natural wellness!

Peppermint Twist Duo: one of our signature holiday scents, Peppermint Twist, is available as part of a hand and body care gift set featuring a foaming hand soap and a freshening hand and body lotion. Formulated with citrusy-sweet essential oils like peppermint, benzoin and orange, this kit will help keep your hands feeling cleansed and refreshed and will fit neutrally into any home decor.


These wellness gifts are good for everyone on your list


Big Night In at-home spa kit: if you’re looking to gift relaxation and feelings of calm this holiday season, give them a kit for de-stressing, soothing and unwinding, all from the comfort of their own home. This kit contains four products to help introduce them to our skin and body care categories, Detox Mode clay face mask, Stress Release bath salts, Lavender mist and Lavender & Friends body lotion to help them feel balanced and fresh from head to toe.



When you want to spread wellness throughout your home, good-for-you and good-for-your-home plant-based wellness products will happily do the trick. Gone are the days when our only options for a pleasantly scented home came in the form of synthetically fragranced wall plug-in diffusers; we’re raising the bar with these clean, natural product offerings.

Gifts we love:

Peppermint Twist room spray: this refreshing, citrus-mint blend of peppermint, spearmint, benzoin and orange reminds of a creamsicle. Spritz generously in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom anytime you’re looking to invite freshness into your space.

Room Spray kit: if you’re looking for a variety of options to freshen the air, this kit is exactly what you’re after. This year all four of the blends included in the kit are limited edition; the aforementioned Peppermint Twist joins Liquid Sunshine, a cheerful and uplifting blend of grapefruit, lime and mandarin, Peaceful Slumber, a relaxing and restful blend of marjoram, lavender and myrtle that makes an excellent spritz for your pillows and sheets, and Fresh Start, a cleansing blend of nana mint, douglas fir and lemon.


These wellness gifts are good for everyone on your list


Cabin Cozy diffuser blend: a brand-new limited-edition diffuser blend exclusive to holiday this year, Cabin Cozy is a woody and spicy blend of black pepper, cardamom and virginia cedar, perfect for those who are looking for a deeply soothing, calming blend to help balance the nerves and invite stillness in the mind.



When it comes to gift giving this holiday season, there’s no need to feel limited by gifts designed solely for him or her. Natural wellness gifts, those thoughtfully and intentionally created to enhance your lifestyle and self-care routine, are made to be enjoyed by everyone.

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but what we give.

—Ben Carson

Kristen Rondeau
Kristen Rondeau
National Educator