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Good news travels fast

Last Updated: 04/12/2024

Maybe you’ve packed your bags with business formal for a Manhattan meeting, or maybe you’ve got your travel sights on the white sandy beaches of your dreams. Whether it’s for business or for pleasure, traveling can take a lot out of you. From rushing to the airport, to the long and stuffy plane ride, to the waiting for your bags and the plane food, leaving home can take a hit on your wellness.

Staying well in the first 24 hours of travel can play a big role in how you feel during your entire trip. Here’s three plant-based tips to keep your travel plans on track so you arrive at your destination comfortable, relaxed and feeling healthy:

Don’t touch this

The airplane seats, the table trays, the bathrooms: all of these high-traffic surfaces can carry a load of germs and grime. Be mindful of touching any of these areas and make sure to wash your hands as regularly as you can. Not only have you been encountering a lot of unclean surfaces, so has your luggage. The upside, it’s not lost! But the downside is your bag has crossed paths with a few unsanitary areas since you dropped it off. Keep your hands clean with naturally cleansing and antimicrobial ingredients like tea tree – we’ve added it to our Clean Hands Lotion for just this reason. Your hands are there to do all the dirty work for you, so let’s help them out a little with the naturally powerful ingredients in Clean Hands Cleansing Hand Lotion, especially during long travel days.

A hand squeezing Clean Hands lotion into their palm

Keep it moving

Blame it on science: while you’re in the air, the altitude increases and pressure decreases, causing all gases — including the ones in your gut — to expand. While there’s no way of stopping this, there’s also a science to minimizing uncomfortable bloating and stomach discomfort. We know you’re excited to finally make it through customs, but try and hold off on all vacation indulgences until you land. Heavy, fried foods and your favorite bubbly drinks like beer and soda can increase intestinal gas and painful inflation.

Instead, drink tons of water pre-, during and post-flight to keep yourself hydrated amidst the airplane cabin recycled air. Taking extra fluid on board will also keep you moving between your seat and the bathroom, giving you more chances to seek relief. You can also give your tummy a little extra love with Gutzy Soothing Belly Massage Blend. Roll this soothing blend of fennel, chamomile and peppermint in a circular, clockwise motion on your stomach to to give yourself some extra support and comfort. You can use this method throughout your travels to keep your vacation running smoothly.

Time flies

Jet lag doesn’t care if you’re a one-time international traveler or a frequent flier – you’re never immune to the symptoms. Crossing multiple time zones disrupts your body’s rhythm, causing feelings of fatigue, insomnia, headaches and disorientation. To lessen these effects, get a good night’s rest before your flight, then energize on-the-go with Refresh Mist and Energy Roll-On. Spritz and roll on throughout your flight to to feel revitalized and invigorated by the bright aromas of eucalyptus and lemon. Keep this in your laptop bag or beach bag to stay refreshed, no matter what time zone you’re in.

Now that you’ve got your round-trip ticket to wellness, travel days are a lot less likely to get the best of you. Wherever your journey takes you, pack your plant-based travel companions with you and greet your destination feeling healthy, hydrated and well rested.