Diffuser Blend Kits

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    A trio of holiday-exclusive diffuser blends that everyone will love (especially your new-to-diffusing friends).

    Crowd Pleasers Everyday Diffuser Blend Collection

    Crowd Pleasers

    Everyday Diffuser Blend Collection

    $25 with a $40 purchase, for a limited time.

  • All the Feels, Deep Forest, Festive Friday, Peppermint Twist, Tree Scents Diffuser Blends
  • After the Rain, Into the Trees, Liquid Sunshine®, Refresh, Diffuser Blends
  • Elevate, Energy, Mountain High®, Brainstorm Diffuser Blends
  • Present Moment, Spa Spirit®, Stress Release, Unwind Diffuser Blends
  • Enchanted Forest, Fresh Alpine, Peaceful Woods Diffuser Blends
  • Dream State, Goodnight, Peaceful Slumber, Tranquility® Diffuser Blends
  • Aroma Zen Diffuser, Citrus Dream® Diffuser Blend, Unwind Diffuser Blend
  • Aroma Om Petite Diffuser, Peppermint Halo Oil Blend, Liquid Sunshine Diffuser Blend
  • Aroma Om White, Liquid Sunshine DIffuser Blend, Peppermint Halo.
  • $25 with a $40 Purchase $25 with a $40 Purchase
    Bright & Citrusy, Clean & Crisp, Fresh & Minty Diffuser Blends