Diffuser Blends

  • Care Package

    Feel your best this fall with Fortify roll-on, the Fortify inhaler and Clean Hands lotion.

    Care Package Feel Better Kit

    Care Package

    Feel Better Kit

    $20 with a $40 purchase, for a limited time.

  • Elevate, Energy, Mountain High®, Brainstorm Diffuser Blends
  • After the Rain, Into the Trees, Liquid Sunshine®, Refresh, Diffuser Blends
  • Inhale, Deep Breath, Fortified Breeze, Rain Forest Diffuser Blends
  • Present Moment, Spa Spirit®, Stress Release, Unwind Diffuser Blends
  • Dream State, Goodnight, Peaceful Slumber, Tranquility® Diffuser Blends
  • Deep Breath, Goddess, Elevate, Liquid Sunshine®, Present Moment, Tranquility® Diffuser Blends
  • award winner award winner
    Citrus | Blended with grapefruit and bergamot.
  • best seller best seller
    Floral & Citrus | Blended with lavender and bergamot.
  • Serenity

    Let go from the day with this sweetly floral and citrusy blend.

    Serenity Relaxing Diffuser Blend


    Relaxing Diffuser Blend