Diffuser Blends

Shift your state of mind through the power of scent with 100% natural essential oil blends for diffusers that energize, relax and refresh.

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    Citrusy | Blended with grapefruit and lime
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    Citrusy & Herbal | Blended with lemon and juniper.
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    Spicy & Citrusy | Blended with ginger and palmarosa
  • Aroma Om Diffuser
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    Minty & Herbal | Blended with peppermint and eucalyptus.
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    Citrus & Floral | Blended with lemon and lavender.
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    Floral | Blended with jasmine and neroli
  • Citrus | Blended with grapefruit and bergamot.
  • Your Cooling Companion

    Keep tech-neck troubles at bay during long workdays.

    Peppermint Halo



  • Earthy & Citrus | Blended with patchouli and orange.
  • Mint & Citrus | Blended with spearmint and lemon.
  • Sweet & Citrus | Blended with lemongrass and yuzu.
  • Herbal | Blended with eucalyptus and tea tree