Diffusers & Blends

Where fresh air meets decor. Beautifully-designed essential oil diffusers and 100% natural diffuser blends to freshen your home, office or car.

  • Mists 3-6 hours | Covers approx. 400 sq ft | Ceramic | LED Light
  • Aroma Gem Matte White
  • new arrival new arrival
    Citrusy | Blended with grapefruit and lime
  • new arrival new arrival
    Spicy & Citrusy | Blended with ginger and palmarosa
  • new arrival new arrival
    Minty & Herbal | Blended with peppermint and eucalyptus.
  • new arrival new arrival
    Citrus & Floral | Blended with lemon and lavender.
  • Spring Is in the Air

    A limited-edition, design-forward diffuser made with sleek glass and a matte-white finish.

    Get Well Kit

    Aroma Gem Matte White


    $50 WITH A $60 PURCHASE

  • new arrival new arrival
    Floral | Blended with jasmine and neroli
  • new arrival new arrival
    Citrusy & Herbal | Blended with lemon and juniper.
  • Citrus | Blended with grapefruit and bergamot.
  • After the Rain, Into the Trees, Liquid Sunshine®, Refresh, Diffuser Blends
  • Deep Breath, Goddess, Elevate, Liquid Sunshine®, Present Moment, Tranquility® Diffuser Blends