How to Use
Aroma Ride Refills in a car atop the cup holders in the front seat

Suggested Uses

  • Add 3–5 drops of your chosen diffuser blend to the absorbent wick.
  • Insert the wick into the diffuser and clip onto your dash vent.
  • Turn on your car's air circulation system to your desired setting. This diffuser works with warm or cool air.

Packaging Information

Caution: Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use diffuser blends known to cause a calming or sedative effect while operating a motor vehicle. Avoid contact of diffuser blend(s) with skin and surface of car dash. Do not adjust vents while driving. Before using the Car Vent Clip, ensure it is compatible with your car vent. Car vents vary in design; make sure the clip fits securely before installation. The clip may cause scratching or damage to the vent depending on the size of the vent slat. Be careful when installing the clip to avoid damage.

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Aroma Ride Refills in a car atop the cup holders in the front seat


Scent is your sense most closely tied to memory. Our festive diffuser blends scent the scene for evoking holiday nostalgia and making new merry memories—100% naturally.


Avoid the use of multiple different diffuser blends on the same wick, or the aromas may become muddled. However, you can reuse the same wick with the same diffuser blend as many times as it remains absorbent.

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