How to Use
Liquid Sunshine room spray on a clay wall background with shadows

Suggested Uses

  • Shake prior to use to combine water and essential oils. Mist 6-8 times in the desired area, or as preferred.

Packaging Information

Not for topical use; do not mist directly onto face or body. Be mindful not to mist directly onto walls or other surfaces to avoid staining.

top of Rooms Spray showcasing the spray nozzle on the glass bottle


nvite a sweet and citrusy burst of freshness into your space with a combination of essential oils known for their properties as uplifting, cheerful and positive. Liquid Sunshine is a best-selling, convenient air spray product that allows for quick and easy use in any room in your home.

We formulated this bright and invigorating air spray as a natural, plant-based alternative to conventional air spray and home fragrance products, to help you experience feeling happy and euphoric every time you smell it in the air.