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All-natural gifts for gardners

Last Updated: 02/08/2024

Thought starters on gifts for gardeners

How many of us know someone with a green thumb? That special person around whom plants and flowers just seem to stand a little taller; someone who's been gifted with the know-how when it comes to everything from growing the juiciest carrots to tending to the tallest sunflowers and everything in between.

The gift of gardening really is a special talent, and it attracts a certain type of person absolutely. If the idea of digging in the dirt, Saturday afternoons spent at home goods stores and nurseries and painstakingly charting out rows for seeds and seedlings sounds right up your alley, you might be a gardener! If this description couldn’t be further from the truth for you, read on for the 100% natural, plant-based gifts we’re suggesting for the gardening aficionados in your life who do fit the bill!

Gifts for gardeners: help them take care of their hand health

One of the parts of the body that gardening takes the greatest toll on is the hands. As fun and rewarding as gardening can be, the long hours spent digging and planting can wreak havoc on the skin, which is where we come in! We offer a variety of 100% natural products that can be used to cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin back to wellness in no time.

Some of our favorite products for the hands:

Liquid Sunshine foaming hand soap: when it comes to hand washing, nothing beats our frothy and foamy liquid hand soaps. Our favorite is Liquid Sunshine, blended with cheerful and citrusy notes of grapefruit, lime and mandarin. We especially love our foaming hand soaps because they are formulated without alcohol which can be drying or artificial fragrance which can cause everything from irritation to rashing. We blend with only the goodness of nature to keep your hands feeling squeaky clean.

Liquid Sunshine Foaming Hand Soap

Liquid Sunshine bar soap: if they’re more of a conventional soap type of person, our best-in-class, double milled bar soap is also available with the bright and zesty notes of the Liquid Sunshine formula, including zingy lemongrass. Double milled means our soap has been cured, re-boiled and cured for a second time which makes for a long lasting, extra skin softening bar that will clean your hands and body effortlessly.

Gifts for gardeners: help them take care of their skin health 

Gardening quite often means long days spent basking in the sunshine and the warm breeze of the summertime, which is excellent for vitamin D intake and supporting your mental health but not so good for keeping your delicate skin protected from both UVA and UVB rays. We know that long term, unprotected sun exposure can lead to a whole host of health concerns, which is why practicing safe sun habits are extra important for people who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors.

One of our favorite product for sun protection:

Nourishing Lip Balm Trio: Hydrating thirsty lips with coconut, shea and beeswax is just one of the ways the gardeners in our lives can stay protected during long days of fun in the sun.

Gifts for gardeners: help them take care of their muscle health 

Another one of the ways that gardening can affect the body is causing over exertion or strain on the muscles and joints, causing aching, soreness and stiffness in the body. As necessary as wheelbarrows full of topsoil or piles of terracotta planters may be to the aesthetic of a yard or garden, all of that bending and lifting and carrying can leave the body feeling overworked at the end of the day.

Some of our favorite products for easing muscle soreness:

Extra Strength roll-on: extra long days in the garden call for extra strong relief in the form of this warming, penetrative blend of soothing and pain relieving essential oils like sweet birch, peppermint and clove. Recognized as both a Natural Health Product (NHP) in Canada and an Over the Counter (OTC) in the USA, this popular roll-on can help ease sore muscles, back aches, strains and sprains with its warming and relaxing effects.

Person applying extra strength oil blend roll-on to their calf


Muscle Melt bath salts: another of our favorite ways to ease the day’s tensions away is by slipping into a warm, soothing bath and adding a generous helping of one of our newest bath salts called Muscle Melt. Formulated with stimulating essential oils of rosemary, marjoram and sweet birch alongside sea salt and epsom salts, these soothing bath time helpers can support in relaxing even the most tired muscles.

Muscle Melt body butter: staying in the Muscle Melt family, this fan-favorite body butter has a similar formula to the bath salts, with warming and relieving properties from rosemary, roman chamomile and ginger. This rich, deeply moisturizing body butter is perfect to slather on after a warm bath to allow its easing and relaxing effects to support overworked muscles and joints.

Gifts for gardeners: help them take care of their sleep health

Last and certainly not least, we want to help the gardeners in our lives have their best sleeps ever, naturally. With the long hours of daylight throughout the peak gardening months, many of our gardener friends are of the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ mindset. Let’s make sure they are getting the restful sleep they need to feel their best each day.

Some of our favorite products for helping catch zzz’s:

Aroma Om white ceramic diffuser: we can’t think of a better way to drift off to dreamland than with our whisper quiet, heat-free, cool mist diffuser on the bedside table. This unit offers a continuous or intermittent run time of between 3-6 hours, and can be used to help create a peaceful and relaxing environment that encourages deep rest.

Tranquility diffuser blend: of course you’ll need to pair a diffuser with a diffuser blend, and the balancing and soothing scent of Tranquility is at the top of our list. With notes of floral lavender, herbal marjoram and sweet roman chamomile, this blend was formulated to help rest both the mind and body. Add 5-10 drops to your diffuser of choice and get ready to feel better.

Sleep Well roll-on: our most potent product to support a good night’s rest is a blend of earthy valerian and vetiver with floral lavender, jasmine and neroli that was formulated to help you feel well rested each night. We recommend applying to the pulse points at the temples and wrists, as well as on the throat about 30 minutes before you decide to climb into bed.

Sleep Well Roll-On

Our favorite gifts for gardeners

We love to surprise and delight our gardeners with gifts that support their wellness while they partake in some of their favorite outdoor activities. Here are a few other suggestions for thoughtful and meaningful gifts for the gardeners in your life:
  1. A scented candle. If you know someone who has a strong preference for a scent like rose or jasmine for example, you can gift them a long lasting candle that will help them enjoy the scent even through the winter time.
  2. A cute and stylish pair of gardening gloves or a kneeling pad. Gone are the days of ho-hum accessories from the local hardware store; check out these for inspiration.
  3. A watering can or other practical accessory. Maybe they aren’t the type to spoil themselves, so you can feel free to! A cool looking or personalized tool can help them take their hobby to the next level!

We’re excited to gift all the gardeners in our lives with 100% natural and plant-based goodies they can use to support their wellness all year long, rain or shine.

Kristen Rondeau
Contributor & Editor
Kristen Rondeau
National Educator