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Our top 10 favorite diffuser blends inspired by spring

Last Updated: 02/08/2024


The fresh, light and whimsical scents of springtime are definitively in the air; across most of North America, we’re sensing an awakening from our winter slumber and an anticipation of blooming flower beds, bright green grass, longer bouts of sunshine and every other joyful facet of spring we can imagine.  

Maybe it’s warm enough where you are to keep the windows cracked during the daytime, inviting a crisp breeze to help clear stale air. Perhaps the snow has melted, and you’ve been spending time in your local park or forest, breathing in deeply the earthy and woody notes of the various trees and shrubs. If you’re really lucky, you might see flower blooms on magnolia trees, dancing in the still-chilly air that sends a surefire signal that spring has sprung.   

There is little else we look forward to the way we look forward to spring. Not only does it mean we’re able to spend more time outdoors and in daylight, it means that a treasure trove of fresh, welcoming, subtle, sweet, and floral scents are on their way to tantalize our senses and help us feel enlivened and uplifted. 

One of the reasons we love diffusing the way we do is because of the way it lets you create a tailored and personalized experience for you and your home. First you get to choose the diffuser you like the most, then you get to select 100% pure essential oil blends that smell exactly the way you want to scent your space. In this article, we’re highlighting our top 10 diffuser blends to help shift your perspective from cold, dark winter nights to light, bright spring days. 


There’s no doubt about it, citrus essential oils have a way of making us feel cheerful, positive and optimistic – all words we use to describe the anticipation of spring! Most citrusy essential oils are what we describe in aromatherapy as top notes, which means they are the fresh, clean note that your nose senses first in a blend. 

Because they tend to be tart, zesty and bright, citrus notes are an excellent choice when you’re choosing a diffuser blend to diffuse in your space during the daytime, whether you’re working from home or looking for inspiration to start your spring cleaning early! Below we’re sharing more about two of our favorites: 

Liquid Sunshine diffuser blend: this is our best-selling, most well-loved diffuser blend chosen by you, our community. When you want your home to smell like a fresh citrus grove, and when you crave to feel refreshed and boosted, reach for this blend of sunny citruses like grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lime and mandarin. 

Elevate diffuser blend: when you’re looking for a scent that is somewhere between a tropical vacation to a lush paradise and a bowl of fresh, juicy citrus fruit on your kitchen counter, we recommend the sweet and stimulating notes of orange, lemon, mandarin and yuzu, paired with the zesty, rich and herbaceous notes of lemongrass in this boosting blend.      


Some of the most well-loved essential oils and blends are those that evoke a feeling of deep, clear and open breathing. Essential oils like eucalyptus, sometimes referred to as ‘the breathing oil’ in aromatherapy, are known for their properties that support and soothe the respiratory tract, encouraging us to feel our best. 

Deep Breath diffuser blend: inspired by the deep renewal and sense of harmony you experience after spending time in a eucalyptus steam room, this blend is a natural refresher and a balancer to both the body and mind. It’s been blended with eucalyptus, lemon, peppermint, marjoram and lavender for that ‘rain shower in a eucalyptus forest’ type of feeling. 

Fortified Breeze diffuser blend: in the springtime, many people are prone to symptoms of cold like cough or are affected by seasonal airborne irritants that can leave you feeling less than awesome. When you’re looking for a soothing, herbal and renewing scent experience to help get you back on your feet, we suggest this easing and relieving blend of eucalyptus, myrtle, pine needle, lemon, tea tree, myrrh and white thyme.     


There are few among us who aren’t afflicted at one point or another with feelings of stress, overwhelm and tension. One of the ways we can support ourselves in feeling relaxed and at ease is through the power of scent. 

Being able to choose essential oils known to support both the body and mind by inviting you to take some slow, deep breaths and to help you feel grounded and centered is one of the main reasons we reach for our diffusers as often as we do. 

Unwind diffuser blend: we reach for this blend when we want to slow down our racing thoughts and help bring physical stillness to the body. One of the key ingredients, bergamot, is an essential oil known to help ease worry and the secret ingredient in the formula, cinnamon, is like a warm hug from a friend. Unwind also includes orange, lavender and geranium. 

Stress Release diffuser blend: this powerful blend of grounding, stabilizing and soothing essential oils can help to combat both physical and emotional manifestations of stress. When you feel wound up, when you feel restless and when you’re looking for deep relaxation and a sense of calm, we suggest this balancing blend of lavender, orange, roman chamomile, clary sage, geranium, vetiver and myrtle.  


One of the ways we most enjoy our diffusers and diffuser blends is when we choose combinations of essential oils formulated to mirror the fresh, woody and revitalizing notes of the forest. 

For many of us who dwell in large cities and spend far less time outdoors than we wish we did, these earthy, herbaceous and clearing scents help transport us to the serenity of being in the woods, leaves and branches crackling underfoot. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and picture yourself there. 

Rain Forest diffuser blend: inspired by the rain forest in our home province of beautiful British Columbia, this is one of our most popular aromas, well-loved by those looking for the lofty and refreshing feeling of connectedness that can often accompany a stroll through the trees. Breathe in the fresh, earthy scents of cedarwood, pine needle, balsam fir, eucalyptus and vetiver. 

Mountain High diffuser blend: elevate your senses and your spirit with this blend that encourages well-being and replicating the experience of fresh mountain air. Breathe deeply, feel clear and open and raise your mood to new heights with sweet, grounding, fresh and woodsy notes of pine needle, balsam fir, sage, spearmint, cedarwood and patchouli.


The last blends we’re featuring today are two of the ones we reach for most often when we’re looking to set the tone for ultimate rest and relaxation at bedtime. We like to turn our bedrooms into a sleep sanctuary; an oasis of calming, peaceful and tranquil scents fill the air while we go about the rest of our nighttime routine. 

Choosing essential oils that are known to help encourage the body and the mind to slow down, feel balanced and harmonized and that can help support deep, full breathing while we sleep is just one of the ways we treat ourselves to self-care in the bedroom. 

Dream State diffuser blend: this blend contains one of the most well-recognized and powerful ingredients for rest, valerian root. This ingredient comes to us from the roots of the plant deep underground, and is popular as a tincture, tea and herb used to promote rest. Alongside valerian root you’ll find other well-known relaxing oils like lavender, orange, roman chamomile, geranium and ylang ylang.

Peaceful Slumber diffuser blend: we chose to feature this blend because of its unique ingredients that help encourage deep breathing, which is thought to help us achieve deeper rest at night. The star of the show is petitgrain, an earthy, woody oil known to help lull the mind towards rest. Also included are marjoram, cajeput, myrtle, lavender and roman chamomile. 


Lastly, we’re sharing a few of our best tips for choosing a diffuser to accompany your newly discovered favorite diffuser blends:  

1. Size does matter. When choosing a diffuser for your home, consider where you want to use it primarily. For a large, open concept space you may consider a larger unit with a longer run time, like our Aroma Om deluxe. For small to medium sized rooms like bedrooms or home offices, consider our Aroma Om.

2. Choose the one you like the most. While the inner functionalities of our diffusers are the same (an ultrasonic disc that breaks up water and essential oils which are then dispersed as fine, cool mist), you’ll notice differences in size, color, shape and materials. The one you’re most drawn towards is the one you’re most likely to enjoy in your space. 

3. Keep it clean. One of the main reasons for malfunction is an improperly maintained diffuser, which typically relates to lack of cleanliness. Though quick and simple to clean, it’s important because residue from essential oils can build up in the water tank and on the disc, causing the diffuser to function less than optimally. Using clean water and rubbing alcohol or our diffuser care kit, make sure to wipe down and rinse the unit every 1-2 weeks, depending on frequency of use. 

Carve out and claim the time to care for yourself and kindle your own fire.

— Amy Ippoliti

Kristen Rondeau
Contributor & Editor
Kristen Rondeau
National Educator