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Take a hike - and protect your skin the plant-based way

Last Updated: 04/12/2024

Given the often snowy or rainy winters in Canada, summer is a time for us to get out there and explore our own backyard; the lakes, the mountains and the sun-soaked trails that are all around us.

To pay homage to our favorite Canadian city—and our birthplace, Vancouver—we’re taking you on a journey to three of our favourite nearby hikes: Quarry Rock, St. Mark’s Summit and The Lions Binkert Trail. These hikes range from easy to hard, but no matter which one you choose, you’re guaranteed stunning views at the top.

A woman hiking in the woods


Difficulty: easy
Time: 1.5 hours
Round-trip: 3.8 km
From Vancouver: 30 mins

Located just off the shores of Deep Cove in North Vancouver, Quarry Rock is an extremely popular hike with scenic ocean views of the Pacific Ocean’s Indian Arm. Also known as the easternmost section of the Baden Powell Trail, this all-season hike is perfect for the weekend warrior looking to add some fresh air to the to-do list. A great trail for children, dogs, families and couples, wrap up your hike with a doughnut and coffee from the quaint Deep Cove Village.

Quarry Rock hike begins on Panorama Drive, just beyond the park area. Look for a sign on the left side of the street and on the edge of a driveway you’ll find the wooden steps to begin your hike.

#SajeTip: Stay fresh for summit snuggles.

Given its ease, Quarry rock is known to locals as a “date” hike. Make sure you stay fresh on the trails with our Exotic Crystal Fresh Deodorant. Mist this blend of patchouli, ho wood and sandalwood 2-3 times under each arm, pre- and post-hike.


Difficulty: challenging
Time: 5 hours
Round-Trip: 11 km
From Vancouver: 45 minutes

This peak sits on the Howe Sound Crest Trail and offers spectacular views of Howe Sound, the Tantalus Range, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island. Starting from the base of Cypress Mountain, located on Vancouver’s North Shore, this hike is the perfect city getaway that’s not too far from home. It’s best to book a full morning or afternoon to this trail, followed by a well-deserved meal at one of West Vancouver’s many amazing, family-run restaurants.

To get started, park in Cypress’s downhill parking lot, head north towards the chairlift and keep your eyes peeled for the Howe Sound Crest Trail sign. Follow the trail uphill until it merges into a wider ski run and begin walking through the trees.

#SajeTip: Epic views ahead!

You’ll want to stay up there awhile, drink some water and bask in the sun. Keep your thirsty lips quenched with the hydrating and refreshing notes of coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa seed butter in our Coco Lip Balm.

A woman applying Coco lip balm to her lips


Difficulty: very challenging
Time: 11 hours
Round-Trip: 30 km
From Vancouver: 1 hour 45 minutes

One of Vancouver’s most recognizable landmarks, The Lions’ twin peaks can be seen from many angles of downtown Vancouver. Also known as the Twin Sisters, these two North Shore summits offer panoramic views of Howe Sound, the Capilano Watershed and the entire city of Vancouver.

Experienced hikers sometimes scale the peak known as the West Lion. The East Lion, is out of bounds and climbing is not allowed. This hike takes an entire day, so be sure to pack healthy, plant-based snacks, drink lots of water and get a good sleep the night before.

To start your hike, you have two options. You can park at Cypress Bowl and approach the Lions via the Howe Sound Crest Trail (same as St. Marks Summit). Or, you can start from the end of Sunset Drive in Lions Bay.

#SajeTip: You're in it for the long haul.

The view and the bragging rights will make every step worth your while. When you’re looking for a second wind or just a little lift on the trails try the invigorating blend of peppermint, rosemary and lemon in our Energy Revitalizing Oil Blend. For a quick pick-me-up, apply to wrists, pulse points and around hairline.

Whether you choose the easy or challenging adventure (we’re not judging), take some time to recharge when you get back to sea level. Nature’s elements, although rejuvenating, can also take a toll on our bodies. Make yourself a plant-based meal and smooth on some Carrot Hydrating Nourishing Body Lotion to comfort your sun-exposed skin. Let the blend of carrot, patchouli and geranium keep you glowing and moisturized.