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Top tips on how to clean a diffuser

Last Updated: 04/23/2024

Your questions answered on how to clean a diffuser

If there’s one question we get asked all the time, it’s simply this: how the heck do I clean my diffuser? Sometimes the question is even more granular - do I need to clean my diffuser? The answer is a resounding yes, and we’re putting this blog together in order to support you in simplifying the process to learn how (and why!) to properly clean your diffuser.

When you’re new to diffusing, it can seem daunting to think about having to maintain your unit at home. Rest assured that keeping your unit clean and functioning optimally is actually the easiest part of owning a diffuser - the hard part is choosing the best smelling blend each day!

Aroma Om Deluxe Diffuser

Before learning about how to clean a diffuser, learn more about how a diffuser works 

Before we jump right into the nuts and bolts of cleaning a diffuser, let’s break down the simple mechanics of what a diffuser is and how it can help support your wellness at home. A diffuser is a unit that dispenses cool, clean mist into the air to help refresh and scent your space while setting the tone for how you want to feel. In our opinion, diffusers are awesome additions to our wellness routines for three key reasons:

  1. A diffuser can be used to refresh the air in your space. Let’s face it, we’re all spending a lot of time at home these days. This sometimes means stale air, lingering odors and an excess amount of dust and dander in the air. A diffuser, which is heat-free, steam-less and emits only cool, clean mist as a result of breaking down water and 100% pure essential oils, can help to make the air in your space feel rejuvenated and revitalized.
  3. You can use a diffuser to create the citrusy, floral, herbal or outdoorsy-smelling home of your dreams. We know that scent is powerful; we choose shampoo that makes us feel uplifted in the shower or personal sprays and perfumes to tailor the way we smell; why should our home be any different? If you love the smell of bright and cheerful citrus you might choose our #1 selling diffuser blend called Liquid Sunshine, blended with grapefruit, mandarin and lime. Creating a scent oasis in your space is our personal favorite way to use our diffuser!
  5. Lastly, we love our diffusers because they help us curate the way we want to feel in our space. If we’re looking for energy and alertness in the daytime while we navigate work or working out from home, we’re reaching for stimulating, uplifting notes of oils like lemon and lemongrass as part of our blend called Elevate. On the flip side, when we want to calm down, unwind and prepare to relax for the evening, we love a fan-favorite blend like Tranquility, blended with soothing lavender, marjoram and roman chamomile.

How to clean a diffuser: what should I do? 

Ok so you’ve chosen your favorite diffuser, (we’re big fans of our award winning Aroma Om, offered in white or black ceramic and grey cement stone), you’re set up with a new diffuser blend (or four!) and you’re ready to go! So what do you need to know about how to clean a diffuser?

Aroma Om Diffuser


  1. Some people are very sensitive to a change in scent, and they might choose to give their diffuser a rinse each time they change the blend they are diffusing. While this isn’t necessary and is more about preference, think about cleaning your diffuser every 1-2 weeks, depending on how often you use it.
  3. Do you see any visible residue or sediment in the tank of your diffuser? This is a good indicator that it’s time to give your diffuser a good cleaning! Some essential oils like cinnamon or frankincense are more resinous than others, and you might notice they leave small particles behind after you’ve diffused them, which is totally normal.
  5. In the same way that only pure, clean water and 100% pure, undiluted essential oils should be used in your diffuser, the only items you should use to clean your diffuser are either pure rubbing alcohol or Saje’s Multi Clean all-purpose diffuser cleansing kit. Keep it simple.
  7. Using a q-tip or soft cloth, add a small amount of rubbing alcohol or Multi Clean to your diffusers’ tank and work to remove any residue or sediment from the unit, focusing on the ultrasonic disc (the small circular piece in the bottom middle of your diffuser). Be careful not to use too much liquid or to scratch or damage the disc in any way.
  9. Using a small amount of clean water, rinse out the tank and ensure there is no residue or sediment left behind. Because diffusers only use water and 100% pure essential oils, they’re very quick and easy to clean. Ensure you don’t overfill with water while you are rinsing the tank to prevent any water from accidentally getting into the vents or filters of the diffuser which can cause a malfunction.

How to clean a diffuser: what should I not do? 

See? It really is that simple! Rubbing alcohol or Multi Clean, a paper towel or clean cloth, a small amount of water to rinse and you are on your way! As simple (and important!) as it to clean your diffuser, there are definitely some important things you shouldn’t do as part of the process:

  1. Don’t use vinegar, dish soap or any other household cleaner. What can happen over time is that these types of cleaning products can cause the disc to corrode, which will mean your diffuser will stop working. Keep it super simple: pure rubbing alcohol or Saje’s Multi Clean only!
  3. Don’t run your diffuser with anything in the tank except water and 100% pure essential oils. Sometimes, people add a cleanser to the tank and then run it in order to ‘clean’ the unit: this is an almost surefire way to guarantee your unit is going to malfunction. The ultrasonic disc is super sensitive to anything other than water and essential oil.
  5. Not specifically related to cleaning, but on the topic of adding other products or ingredients to a diffuser: simply, don’t do it. Some essential oil-based products, like our roll-on’s, are pre-blended with carrier oils so that they are safe for direct application to the skin. These carrier oils include coconut, jojoba, grapeseed and others and while they are awesome for making our bodies feel great, they are not so awesome in a diffuser and can result in clogging and - you guessed it - malfunctioning. 100% pure, unadulterated essential oils and water only!
  7. When cleaning your diffuser, it’s important to be mindful of carefully using a small amount of water to rinse the tank, and not submerging your diffuser in a sink or under a running tap. The internal mechanisms of a diffuser are very sensitive to water and can short out or simply cease to work if too much water gets into the interior pieces. A good rule of thumb is just to use a paper towel or cloth to remove residue as well as to cleanse with fresh water until the tank is clean and free of debris. 

Is it important that I learn how to clean a diffuser? 

So now that you know what to do and what not to do, let’s answer the final question here today regarding diffusers: is it important that I learn how to clean a diffuser? The answer? YES! Here’s a fun fact: the most common reason for diffusers being returned to our stores is because of malfunctioning and functionality issues directly related to the cleanliness of units.

It’s clear to see when a diffuser hasn’t been cleaned in a long time - there is often a buildup of residue and sediment that will take on an amber/rust-like color and will typically collect around the disc in the bottom of the unit. Even though it takes just a minute or two to do, it’s cleaning your diffuser regularly that will ensure your diffuser brings you refreshed and naturally scented air for a long time to come!

At Saje, we offer a Diffuser Guarantee as follows: We stand behind the quality of our diffusers and will take back any unit that is no longer functional. Bring it into any location or connect with our Customer Experience team, and we will happily repair or exchange it — it’s our lifetime efficacy guarantee. In order to protect the environment and reduce waste, we do not accept returns on previously used functional units.

What isn’t included as part of this guarantee? Accidental breakage, like dropping your diffuser or malfunctioning as a direct result of not cleaning and caring for your diffuser properly. When in doubt, give it a good rinse!

Learning how to clean a diffuser can help you enjoy diffusing that much more!

Diffusing is one of the most effective and beneficial ways we can support our personal well-being; diffusers help make our space feel cozy, comfortable and inviting. Taking good care of your diffuser to ensure it has a long lifespan is as simple as ensuring that your unit’s tank stays clean and free of buildup or residue. If you’re curious to learn more about cleaning your diffuser properly, please feel free to reach out to us at or for a live, in-person demonstration on how easy it is to do, feel free to pop by your local store to learn more. 

To help you get started on your diffuser maintenance, we recommend the Diffuser Care Cleaning Kit, available at our stores or online. This kit includes everything you need to keep your diffuser running smoothly and extend its life. Happy diffusing!

Kristen Rondeau
Kristen Rondeau
National Educator