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Essential oils for sore muscles

Last Updated: 02/06/2024

The Essential Oils For Sore Muscles That Will Elevate Your Recovery

One of the lesser discussed parts of a building or sustaining a fitness routine is the inevitable soreness and fatigue your muscles experience post-workout. Even though we know that this is an indication of progress and lets us know our bodies are getting stronger, it can still cause discomfort we’d like to relieve. You are most likely to experience muscle soreness after:

  • Starting an exercise or workout program for the very first time
  • Adding a new activity or exercise to your workout
  • Increasing the intensity of an exercise already in your program (increasing the amount of weight lifted, number of repetitions, or speed)
  • Performing the same activity over and over again without a sufficient rest break

Fortunately, there are a number of plant-based, natural pain-relieving products available to support your recovery period and have you back on your feet in no time.

Essential Oils for Sore Muscles: Rosemary

Rosemary is commonly used in aromatherapy for its stimulating and warming effects, which is why it’s a great option for a pre or post workout application. In our Pain Release roll-on, rosemary will warm and relieve discomfort in muscles, as it’s also blended with peppermint, marjoram and lavender to help soothe daily aches and pains.

Essential Oils for Sore Muscles: Peppermint

In his book “The Healing Power of Essential Oils” 1, Eric Zielinski touts peppermint as the most versatile essential oil next to lavender, and reports peppermint as one of the best natural muscle relaxers and pain relievers. Peppermint Halo roll-on, the first product formulated at Saje, blends rosemary, eucalyptus and vetiver to cool and soothe the muscles for easy application to areas like calves or biceps.

Essential Oils for Sore Muscles: Marjoram

Extra Strength Roll-On - Saje Natural Wellness

In her book “Essential Oils: A Comprehensive Handbook for Aromatic Therapy”, 2 author Jennifer Peace Rhind references many of the key major and minor constituents of marjoram essential oil (like linalyl acetate) as being known to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as analgesic or pain-numbing benefits. Our largest and most powerful pain reliever, Extra Strength roll-on was formulated to support relief from aches and pains of muscles, joints, strains and sprains. It contains a number of essential oils known for their ability to ease discomfort and provide relief to the body, like sweet birch, peppermint and clove.

Essential Oils for Sore Muscles: Roman Chamomile

A person applying stress release roll-on to the wrist

Though muscle soreness is typically categorized as physical, stress can present in the body and mind if soreness is impeding on important, normal activities like sleep. Our favorite roll-on for balancing the mind is Stress Release, blended with calming lavender, clary sage and roman chamomile, known to ease away stress and quiet a busy mind. Encouraging your body to rest naturally can speed up recovery time and help support you in feeling your best.

Discover Your Favorite Essential Oils for Sore Muscles

Every body is different, and we encourage you to lean in to the pain and recovery products that work best to support your choice of movement and lifestyle. Check out our full assortment of products here.


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