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Heal your body the natural way with essential oils

Last Updated: 03/31/2024

What if we told you there was a way to achieve optimal health without medication? And that you could reach new levels of wellness with essential oil-based products that are free from side effects and full of side benefits?

At Saje, we believe that the best way to heal the body is to listen to the body, and to support it with ingredients straight from nature. To us, natural wellness means choosing plant-based options for everything you put in and on your body. After all, you deserve the best. Treat yourself from head-to-toe with products free from the bad stuff (like parabens, petrochemicals and negative side effects), and loaded with the healing benefits of plants.

Try something different and start your journey towards plant-based health with us. Here’s how to get started. 


Your sense of smell taps into one of the most ancient parts of the brain: the amygdala. Before we can even process language, the amygdala allows us to identify thousands of aromas so we can use our sense of smell to understand our world. Some of us may find the aroma of lemon appealing, while others may be more drawn to peppermint or fennel — it all depends on the individual.

Imagine trying to feel better by inhaling a smell you don't like. If it sounds counterintuitive, that's probably because it is. Pick up any one of our Natural Farmacy blends, hold it under your nose and inhale. If you like the smell, it’s likely a good blend for you to start with.


Focusing on our breath does the body a world of good. Put a hand just below your ribs, and breathe deeply and slowly so that your hand rises and falls. This allows air to flow more freely into your lung tissue. Your entire body will respond by relaxing and releasing tension.

Increase the benefit of deep breathing by using your essential oil-based blends to practice a Saje breath. Check out this video to learn how to do it.

A woman cupping her hands around her mouth taking a deep breath


Our bodies have a wisdom that is older than our memory. Tap into this source of knowledge by sitting quietly and paying close attention to how you feel. Starting at the top of your head, scan through your whole body and “listen” for signals. Do you feel congested? Is there tension in your shoulders? Did your lunch agree with you? Use the answers to guide your wellness choices, then try different blends and observe how your body responds. 


Just like changes to your exercise routine or diet, starting with what you are comfortable with can help you stay on track. Here are a few products you can easily swap for 100% plant- and essential oil-based options:

  • Bath Salts: Not all bath salts are created equally. Many contain harmful ingredients or require you to use more than your body really needs. With our 100% plant-based bath salts, you only need a few tablespoons to give your bathtime ritual a soothing uplift.
  • Lotions: Many lotions on the market are filled with synthetic ingredients and parabens that can do more harm than good to your skin. Saje body moisturizers are only filled with the good stuff: natural moisturizers and the healing power of plants.
  • Skin Care: The skin on your face is the most delicate skin on your whole body. That’s why it needs the highest level of care. Our skin care products are as gentle as can be and will keep harmful toxins off your face.
  • Body Oils: Do you always read the labels on your body oils? If you’re not careful, you could be applying petrochemicals to your skin. Not only are they harmful, they’re also unnecessary. Replace synthetic oils with our 100% plant-based body oils for your softest skin ever.


Whether you’re having trouble falling asleep or you’re prone to tension, turn to essential oils first when symptoms strike. But essential oils aren’t only good for treatment — they’re also a powerful tool for preventing wellness concerns before they even happen.

Instead of saving your essential oil blends for when you’re not feeling your best, try using them when you’re feeling well so you can stay that way. Carry our Pocket Farmacy — a collection of our most-loved essential oil blends — so you can access wellness anywhere, anytime. When you get home each day, make a habit of turning on your diffuser to transform your air with wellness-enhancing mist and airborne essential oils.

Why wait until you’re already not feeling well to make a change for your wellness? Make essential oils a part of your everyday routine and your body will feel better, naturally. 


Every body is different and so is every wellness solution. Come visit us – online or in one of our 70+ locations – and bring your questions. We’re here to help you discover your very best wellness, and we have a whole team of people who can help you find a blend that works for you.