How to Use
Sweet Sheets room spray on chevron background with linen laying across the bottom

Suggested Uses

  • Shake prior to use to combine water and essential oils. Mist 6-8 times in the desired area, or as preferred.

Packaging Information

Not for topical use; do not mist directly onto face or body. Be mindful not to mist directly onto walls or other surfaces to avoid staining.

top of Rooms Spray showcasing the spray nozzle on the glass bottle


Refresh and renew fabrics, linens and other textiles with this combination of bright, uplifting and odor-neutralizing essential oils designed to bring a clean and fresh smell and feel.

Though the original intention of this product is as a linen and fabric spray, you may also enjoy using this light, clean-smelling blend on the upholstery in your car, on the furniture in your home or on other areas like your drapes, curtains and carpets.

We formulated this gentle and sweet spray as a natural, plant-based alternative to conventional air spray and home fragrance products, helping bring freshness wherever you go.