How to Use
Yoga Room Spray on background wit person doing yoga

Suggested Uses

  • Shake prior to use to combine water and essential oils. Mist 6-8 times in the desired area, or as preferred

Packaging Information

Not for topical use; do not mist directly onto face or body. Be mindful not to mist directly onto walls or other surfaces to avoid staining.

Top of room spray showcasing the spray nozzle


A beloved product line in support of feeling mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced and regulated. Yoga is a supportive and stabilizing blend of nurturing essential oils well studied for their ability to positively impact well-being and overall feelings of grounding and restoration.

We formulated this harmonizing essential oil blend to provide a natural, plant-based alternative to conventional mindfulness products and to help gently prepare your body and mind for practice or to help you absorb the benefits of your nourishing movements. 

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