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Choosing diffuser blends by scent

Last Updated: 04/23/2024

Choose new diffuser blends based on the smells you love to have in your home 

Scent is one of the most personal experiences we have as humans, and each of our preferences are as unique as we are! Creating an atmosphere that reflects what you enjoy and what makes you feel at home in your home is one of the most important ways to allow a diffuser to bring wellness to your space. At Saje, we often suggest starting with what you already know you enjoy the smell of, and letting your senses guide the rest of your journey. 

Our top recommendations for diffuser blends you’ll want to try at home

One of the questions we are most frequently asked in our stores and online is about how to go about choosing a new diffuser blend. With more than 25 to choose from, we find that sometimes, going with the scents you know you love is the easiest way to find a new favorite!

Diffuser blends we love: bright, sunny citruses 

If you find yourself smiling at the thought of a juicy grapefruit for breakfast in the morning, or you enjoy the unmistakable sweet-citrus scent of a freshly squeezed lemon, you might choose diffuser blends known to be zippy, tart and fresh, just like a citrus fruit. 

Blends we love: 

Liquid Sunshine - a cheerful blend of grapefruit, bergamot and lime. This blend is fresh and uplifting, and perfect for providing a boost in the morning

A white diffuser diffusing liquid sunshine in a grey room with a chair, basket and bed.

Elevate - our newest citrusy blend, the unmistakable zip of lemongrass is blended with tart yuzu and mandarin for an invigorating, long lasting citrus blend

Diffuser blends we love: delicate, herbaceous florals 

Your perfect day smells like this: warm breeze in the summer, a long walk through a wildflower field or a fresh bouquet delivered directly to your doorstep. Floral essential oils are balancing and harmonizing; perfect to complement relaxation, mediation or rest. 

Blends we love:

Goddess - precious florals of rose, jasmine and neroli are blended to evoke euphoric feelings and encourage self love, compassion and harmony

Unwind - sweet note of lavender and geranium meet a touch of citrus for a blend that truly makes you feel grounded and comforted

Yoga - a grounding blend of exotic essential oils like ho wood, champa and neroli support feelings of inspiration and of zen 

Diffuser blends we love: crisp, woodsy tree scents 

Imagine taking a deep breath as you walk through an enchanted forest just after rainfall. The freshness of the trees, the crispness of the leaves under foot. Tree scents are as equally peaceful as they are invigorating; they remind us to breathe deeply and intentionally, while encouraging us to bring the outdoors into our space. 

Blends we love: 

Rain Forest - feel rejuvenated and refreshed with this blend of balsam fir, pine and cedarwood, formulated to help both the body and mind to feel at ease

Mountain High - this clearing blend of balsam fir and pine needle is also blended with notes of purifying spearmint and grounding sage for a truly inspirational scent experience

Diffuser blends we love: fresh & minty 

These blends were formulated for those who prefer the uplifting, truly invigorating notes that are offered through fresh and crisp hints of mint. The renewing and stimulating notes of these blends are often experienced as deeply regenerative and restorative, helping to bring clarity and evoke feeling boosted. 

Blends we love:

Deep Breath - peppermint is blended with eucalyptus and marjoram for the ultimate in restoration while encouraging feelings of sharpness and renewal

Refresh - the deodorizing and freshening notes of spearmint, lavender and eucalyptus are perfect for neutralizing odors and leaving your home feeling clean 

After The Rain - feel as though you’ve just stepped through the door after a summer sun shower with this blend of spearmint, lemongrass and bergamot

Diffuser blends we love: sweet, warming notes 

Nothing says ‘at home’ like the warm, comforting scents that remind you of feeling blissed out and deeply relaxed. These sweet and soothing blends were formulated to help bring peacefulness and calm into your space and to encourage thoughtful reflection.

Blends we love:

Escape - float away on the dreaminess of warming, exotic oils like vanilla, neroli and jasmine, formulated to help you feel both uplifted and enveloped in comfort

Tantra- a sensual, spicy blend of tantalizing neroli, golden champa and cinnamon that will evoke feelings of nurturance and self love, like a warm hug

Diffuser blend kits offer something for everyone 

If you’re still not convinced you can choose just one new favorite, our diffuser blend kits offer a variety of blends aimed at helping you create a tailored atmosphere in your home. Kits are blended for nightime, for relaxation, to support your wellness or to help you feel balanced. Check out our full selection of kits and diffuser blends here.

Kristen Rondeau
Contributor & Editor
Kristen Rondeau
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