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Our favorite party favor ideas this holiday season

Last Updated: 04/23/2024

Natural, plant-based party favor ideas 

Remember when you were a kid and party favor ideas showed up in the form of streamers, balloons and gift bags you got to take home at the end of the party? At holiday, this might have looked more like Christmas Crackers, a stocking hung by the chimney or a fruitcake. While not entirely conventional, this year we wanted to share a few fun tips on how to use natural wellness products as party favor ideas for your socially distanced gatherings with your nearest and dearest.

Party favor ideas: mists on ice 

Even though the weather typically cools down around the holiday time in most places, there are plenty of times when we feel ourselves heating up. Maybe you’ve spent too much time in front of the fireplace or you’ve been cooking up a storm in a hot kitchen all day. Inspired by summer bbq’s, we love this fun little tip for using our mists to help you feel refreshed and revitalized. We typically suggest filling a small bowl with ice and then placing a few bottles of our face and body mists on top. This helps to chill the water and essential oils mixture so that when you spritz over the face and body you get a crisp feeling along with an aromatic burst. Too chilly for ice mists? The same idea applies to a cute bowl or tray in the living room or bathroom with mists that guests can use to treat themselves to an instant pick-me-up sans the chilled feeling. Here are some of our favorites for a personal moment of wellness:

Refresh mist: this is an uplifting and naturally boosting blend of rosemary, lemon and basil that’s perfect for a midday lift. Try spritzing over your head and breathing deeply as the mist falls over you instead of reaching for another caffeinated beverage - you might find this bright and zesty blend will be enough to help you power through another round of family charades.

A hand holding a bottle of refresh mist against a beige background

Rose mist: our personal favorite mist for a balancing, grounding moment, try misting rose over your face to help refresh and replenish moisture while also giving you a sweet, floral burst of nurturance.

Fortified Space mist: ‘tis the season for coughs and colds, which is why we love a few deep breaths of essential oils like tea tree, eucalyptus and pine needle to keep us feeling in tip top shape.

Party favor ideas: our take on a longstanding tradition 

Christmas Crackers are a token holiday gift that make a cracking sound when opened and are typically used as a festive table decoration. Each Cracker usually contains a small gift, a joke or riddle and a paper hat that looks like a crown. If you’re feeling extra creative this holiday season, we wanted to offer you our take on a Christmas Cracker that can be made with our 100% natural roll-on’s to support everything from your energy and stress levels to the way you help yourself unwind in the evening. You can wrap each of the roll-on’s individually to add to the festive feel, or you can replicate the ‘snapping’ sound by popping the top off the cardboard tube. Extra brownie points? Hand write a little note or silly joke to include with each roll-on. Here are some of the roll-on’s we would be happy to see sitting at our place setting:

Stress Release roll-on: one of our best selling roll-ons to address feelings of tension or overwhelm, Stress Release is a soothing combo of lavender, orange and roman chamomile. Try rolling this blend onto your temples and wrists when symptoms of stress strike to feel eased and relaxed.

Tranquility roll-on: when you’re looking to wind down from your day and are thinking about a good night’s rest, this blend may be exactly what you’re after. Blended with peaceful ingredients like lavender, marjoram and ylang ylang, we love to roll onto our throat and chest and breathe deeply at bedtime.

Energy roll-on: when you need that extra boost to keep you on your toes as you hop from socially distanced gathering to zoom get-together, try a fresh and uplifting blend like Energy. Formulated with peppermint, rosemary and lemon, try applying to temples and wrists when you need a natural lift.

Party favor ideas: a new type of ornament for your tree 

One of many long standing traditions for many families involves decorating a tree each holiday season. For some, this tradition includes ornaments that have been passed down for generations, and for others it means a trip to the homegoods store each year to look for what’s best and brightest. While these might not be the typical ornaments or decorations you think of, we’re encouraging you to start a new holiday tradition this year by adding our wellness products for your home and body to your tree. In the spirit of keeping woodsy and welcoming, here are some of our favorite crisp, tree-scented products to place in (or near) your tree:

Tree Scents diffuser blend: this one was a given, as Tree Scents diffuser blend was formulated many years ago to mimic the aroma of a live, fresh evergreen tree, and is only offered as part of our limited edition collection of diffuser blends at holiday time. If you’re unable to house a live tree this season, invite the scents of the forest like pine, cypress and lemon into your space by placing a few drops of this blend into a diffuser or even by dropping onto the branches of an artificial tree, and it will smell like the holidays in no time. 

Into The Trees diffuser blend: when you’re looking to keep the fresh scents of the forest year round, this core collection blend of pine, eucalyptus and cedarwood will make you feel as though you just stepped out into nature. Tuck a bottle into your tree or gift your host with this woodsy little bottle of happiness.

Jute & Joy soap filled wash pad: this daily use, exfoliating soap filled wash pad is blended with our best selling Tingle Mint formula, with essential oils of peppermint, rosemary and spearmint. This cute body care accessory would make a perfect tree ornament for a few reasons: jute is a biodegradable vegetal fiber that is perfect for gentle exfoliation as it softens when wet and it even comes with its own unbleached cotton hook, perfect for in the shower or hanging on the tree!

Party favor ideas: stocking stuffer gifts for everyone

Who wouldn’t like to leave a holiday get-together with something they could take home and enjoy later? These stocking stuffers double as excellent party favor ideas that mean everyone gets a little something to take home and enjoy for the rest of the holiday season. Here are the gifts we’ll be stuffing stockings with this year:

Tingle Lips lip balm: our fan favorite all-natural lip balm formulated with richly moisturizing coconut and shea is then blended with peppermint essential oil for a burst of freshness and a tingle on your lips.

A woman applying lip balm to her lips

Lip Nourish lip salve: this thick and nourishing lip salve is formulated with beeswax, vitamin e and aloe vera for extra hydration for even the most chapped lips. Essential oils of fennel and spearmint give a hint of sweet warmth that will last through the day or night.

Mini Body Butters: our creamy and deeply moisturizing body butters are blended with cocoa seed, mango and shea butters to help skin lock in moisture while also absorbing easily and leaving your skin feeling plump and glowing. Some of our favorites include: Tantra body butter, blended with sweet orange, floral champa and woody sandalwood, Carrot body butter, blended with antioxidant rich carrot, balancing geranium and earthy patchouli and Muscle Melt, our comforting blend of warming and stimulating rosemary, sweet birch and marjoram.

These aren’t your typical party favor ideas

While natural wellness products might not be first on your list when you think of more conventional party favor ideas, we think these suggestions are fun and festive and will also leave your guests knowing you’ve had their wellness top of mind throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Kristen Rondeau
Contributor & Editor
Kristen Rondeau
National Educator