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5 components of health and wellness

Last Updated: 04/05/2024


Though there are slight differences in what may be considered the main components of health and wellness, it’s largely agreed upon that five key areas to consider in assessing your overall health and well-being are physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health.

If a person wants to consider themselves “well”, it’s imperative that none of these areas of health are being neglected. It’s inevitable that at some points in time, one or two of these areas may require more attention than the others, but in a well-rounded sense it is important to revisit them regularly to ensure you’re in alignment with your personal wants and needs.

Wellness is often referred to as a series of choices that we make each day in order to serve and support our optimal self. This can include responsible decisions, thoughtful lifestyle choices and ‘big picture’ thinking to encourage feeling your best in the long-term.

Health on the other hand can be considered a blend and balance of all five components we mentioned above. It’s important to consider that we aren’t likely to be in a true state of wellness unless we’re able to find harmony in all these areas and seek growth in those we may still need assistance.

In this article we’ll be giving a high-level overview of what each of these five components of health are comprised of, and we’ll make natural wellness product recommendations you may find supportive.


Physical health refers to how your body feels and performs. This might mean that you are able to engage in movement, raise your heart rate, get sweaty and feel as though you can generally recover well without assistance. Physical health also comprises our dietary decisions and ensuring we’re receiving the required amount of nutrients and vitamins each day to keep well and sustain energy. Another important consideration as part of your physical health is good sleep hygiene, which means aiming for 7-9 hours of high-quality sleep each night and sticking to a regular schedule as much as possible.

Natural wellness products to support your physical health:

Extra Strength roll-on: this pain-relieving roll-on oil blend was formulated to ease sore muscles, back aches, strains and sprains with a unique formula of warming and cooling essential oils that can penetrate to soothe muscles deeply. We’ve blended peppermint to cool and soothe, sweet birch to alleviate soreness and fatigue in the muscles and other well-known relieving essential oils like marjoram, clove and rosemary.

A man applying Saje extra strength roll-on to his shoulder

Sleep Well roll-on: we created this powerful blend of grounding and tranquil essential oils to support the nighttime routines of those who are looking for deep rest and relaxation. This roll-on contains essential oils of valerian root, an herb prized for its sedative properties, lavender, green mandarin, jasmine and neroli.


Next, we’re talking about another component of your health – emotional health. This refers in part to the ways in which you are able to manage and respond appropriately to stress, your ability to express your emotions in both positive and negative situations and the ways in which you strive to maintain an optimistic outlook, even in the face of challenges. As part of your emotional health, you may seek guidance as required and feel comfortable and appropriate expressing your needs or asking for help.

Natural wellness products to support your emotional health:

Stress Release diffuser blend: reach for this blend to soothe difficult feelings, when you’re feeling down or anytime you’re looking for a natural lift in your mood and your outlook. Lavender helps calm the mind, roman chamomile helps ease the body and orange helps support a sunny disposition.

Unwind roll-on: invite a state of calm and balance into the body and mind with a formula that’s been blended to support your wellness from head to toe. Sweet, citrusy bergamot is known for its ability to quiet the mind, geranium can help restore harmony and cinnamon provides warmth and comfort like a hug from an old friend.


The third component of health and wellness we’ll be discussing today is social health. Social health refers to having both the desire and the ability to welcome others into your life and to be present in theirs. It refers to healthy, engaging relationships with others, being of service to your community and those around you, being able to offer balance to different areas of your life including professional, personal and social relationships and having the ability to recognize when a situation or relationship may no longer serve your highest self.

Natural wellness products to support your social health:

Pocket Farmacy Mindful Edition: we curated this on-the-go collection of essential oil roll-ons to support many different areas of health and wellness. This kit includes five roll-on oil blends that can be used to support different parts of the body like the forehead, temples, under the jawline, across the throat and chest and along the wrists and the elbow creases.

Saje Mindful Pocket Farmacy case next to five roll-ons against a purple background

The five roll-ons in the kit are blended as follows:

  • Reflection is a woody, earthy and grounding blend that is formulated to encourage inner stillness and peace. Some of the oils in the blend include frankincense, myrrh, cedarwood, orange and ginger.
  • Energy is a bright, herbaceous and revitalizing blend that is formulated to help relieve mental and emotional heavy feelings or fatigue. Some of the oils in the blend include peppermint, lemon, rosemary and basil.
  • Unwind is a gentle, floral and sweet blend that is formulated to help soothe difficult emotions and encourage inner peace. Some of the oils in the blend include lavender, bergamot, geranium and cinnamon.
  • Confidence is a warming, spicy and stabilizing blend that is formulated to help you connect deeply to your intuition and the belief in yourself that comes from inside. Some of the oils in the blend include ginger, cypress, cedarwood, juniper and lime.
  • Connection is a sweet, minty, heartwarming blend that is formulated to help encourage communion between self, others and nature. Some of the oils in the blend include spearmint, grapefruit, sage and roman chamomile. 


Another one of the main components of health and wellness is the maintenance of our spiritual health. This may include the feeling of having meaning and purpose in your life that guides you and leads you through decisions regarding your future, it may refer to your moral compass and what you identify with as your personal core values, and it may also entail religious or spiritual beliefs. Some find that being in harmony with nature allows them to connect to the bigger picture and the ‘meaning of it all’, while others connect deeply to religious ideologies and find safe space in those who also practice similarly.

Natural wellness products to support your spiritual health:

Present Moment diffuser blend: this essential oil blend contains a number of oils well reputed for their spiritual use throughout history including woody, herbal frankincense, commonly used in spiritual ceremonies and rituals and sweet, earthy sandalwood that’s been known to bring peace, calm and awareness when needed. This blend also includes grapefruit, vetiver and ylang ylang for balance.

Yoga roll-on: we’ve taken earthy, herbaceous, citrusy oils known for their grounding, balancing and stabilizing properties and created a roll-on that can is convenient and portable so you can take wellness with you anywhere you go. Try rolling on to your neck, wrists, elbow creases and behind the ears to help find your center.


The final component of health and wellness we’re discussing today, intellectual health, refers in part to your desire and ability to become a life-long learner. People who identify as being intellectually healthy are those who like to be challenged and take on new roles and opportunities, are open-minded and willing to explore new viewpoints and ideas that may differ from their own, are willing to consciously keep up to date on relevant current affairs and who demonstrate the desire to grow personally and professionally.

Natural wellness products to support your intellectual health:

Brainstorm roll-on: we formulated this product to help you stay in the moment, focused and at attention. Essential oils known to help you to feel alert and awakened include lemon, myrtle, cedarwood and clary sage, which can help keep you sharp and on your toes.

At Your Desk blend bar: this blend bar helps set you up for a good day at school or work with three different essential oils roll-ons to support relief from stress, tummy troubles and to help you stay sharp. Applying these blends may help you feel your best while working or studying and can help provide a much-needed stimulating boost throughout your day.


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