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Gifts for runners: Wellness essentials to keep them moving

Last Updated: 02/08/2024

Gifts for runners we think they’ll love

Running is a challenging form of physical activity, both physically and mentally, and is an awe inspiring form of movement. The personal feats that people accomplish, from marathons to triathlons, inspire so many people to push both their bodies and minds to the limit in a quest for growth and accomplishment.

When we think about the runners in our lives, we immediately think of the ways in which we want to help support their wellness and encourage them to continue taking care of themselves as a ‘thank you’ to their own bodies for doing the heavy lifting. We’ve put together a list of gift ideas for runners that range from bath and body products to those intended to support the mind, and we’re excited for you to be able to share these natural, plant-based goodies with your fastest and farthest-running loved ones.

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Gifts for runners who are new to natural

Even though running is the ultimate in natural movement, you’d be surprised by the number of people who have yet to discover the truly nurturing and restorative benefits of using natural wellness products as part of their recovery routine. There’s a stigma sometimes associated with natural that is synonymous with ‘hippy’ or ‘woo-woo’, and we love taking every opportunity we can to debunk these stereotypes by showcasing the ways in which good for you, good for the planet products can be easily incorporated into anyone’s wellness routine.

Pocket Farmacy roll-on kit: this is a best selling kit for us at Saje for so many reasons. It’s our favorite introduction to who we are and what we do, and we love the way in which it’s been designed as convenient, portable and easy to use. This kit contains five of our most well-loved roll-on’s that have been formulated to help cool and soothe the head, neck and shoulders, ease symptoms of cold like cough, offer comforting massage for the tummy, and help to ease stress and pain. There really is something for everyone in this kit, formulated with pure 100% natural essential oils like peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus and blended with safe, skin-soothing carrier oils like grapeseed and jojoba. These roll-on’s can be applied, depending on the blend, to areas of the body like the temples, wrists and other pulse points anytime they’re looking to feel boosted.

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Gifts for runners who love a good soak after a day on the trails

No matter our preferred form of movement, there really is no better way to soothe and ease the body at the end of the day than a long, warm soak in the tub. Many runners turn to epsom salt baths to support easing the ache and soreness of tired, overworked muscles as epsom salts are known to be chock full of soothing magnesium. While we know that soaking in warm water can help relax and loosen our stiff muscles, adding a bath salt comprised of sea salts and epsom salts that is free of artificial fragrances or additives is a great way to enhance the overall experience. Here are some of our favorite recommendations for bath and body products perfectly suited to runners:

Muscle Melt bath salts: decompress and soothe an overworked body with the bright, sharp and sweet aroma of sweet birch, lavender and ginger. This blend can help you feel restored and comforted in no time.

Stress Release bath salts: we know that pain is stressful to the body. When we’re feeling stressed, it’s easy to see where this can roll over to other areas of our lives, including affecting athletic performance. Encourage them to de-stress and invite calm with a balancing blend of lavender, geranium and clary sage to feel relaxed.

With any bath salt product at Saje, we believe that less is more. Our recommendation is about 2-5 tablespoons of salts, depending on preference, and a 30 minute soak for optimal results.

Gifts for runners who are seasoned wellness pros

So while some of the runners in our lives are new to wellness, there are also those who are wholehearted experts. Their supplement cupboard is on point, they know everything there is to know about juice bars and power bars, and nothing is new to them when it comes to self care. What do you get for the runner who has it all? You get them a stylish, aesthetically pleasing diffuser made from gorgeous materials like ceramic or stone, in colors like white, black or grey cement, and you seal the deal with an assortment of diffuser blends they can use to personalize the way they want their home to smell, or how they want to feel when they are in it. Check out some of the diffusers and blends we think they’ll love the most:

Aroma Om white ceramic: classic, timeless design meets functionality in this popular, community-favorite diffuser. This unit offers the option of continuous or intermittent diffusing for between 3-6 hours, and comes with an optional LED light. We love this medium size unit in a bedroom or home office.

Aroma Om Deluxe grey cement: the simple and minimalistic design of this diffuser has always been a crowd pleaser. Our largest diffuser with the longest run time (11-22 hours depending on a low or high setting), the Deluxe is best suited to large rooms and open concept spaces.

Elevate energizing diffuser blend: before they head out the door, this zippy and zesty blend is perfect to set the tone for movement and activity. Blended with lemongrass, orange and yuzu, these uplifting citruses will help them feel invigorated.

Unwind harmonizing diffuser blend: at the end of a long run, they’ll be over the moon to come home to a space that feels chill and relaxed. Warm, spicy notes of cinnamon meet bergamot and lavender for an overall feeling of peacefulness.

Goodnight grounding diffuser blend: when all is said and done, this stabilizing and supportive blend of sandalwood, frankincense and vetiver can help send them off to dreamland for some well deserved rest.

Gifts for runners who like to stretch it out

For many runners, hitting the streets and then hitting the yoga mat go hand in hand. Runners know the importance of stretching their bodies, and many people report that yoga is a nice complement to their running practice. To help them feel supported in this part of their practice, we’ve compiled a short list of wellness products they’ll find useful in conjunction with their stretching routine.

Yoga mat mist: let them know they can spritz this fresh and cleansing mist over their yoga mat before or after practice to not only freshen the mat and their accessories, but also provide an aromatic boost from the uplifting notes of orange, spearmint and patchouli.

Yoga transition mist: a personal mist formulated for anytime they need a moment of calm. This is an earthy, grounding blend of ho wood, bergamot and vetiver that can help invite a moment of stillness. With any of our mist products, we encourage giving them a good shake to blend the water and essential oils together, misting over the head with the eyes and mouth closed, and breathing deeply through the nose. Feeling good really is this close at hand!

Yoga grounding roll-on: the newest product to join our Yoga collection, many people enjoy this harmonizing roll-on as a personal fragrance or as part of a mindfulness routine, like journaling or meditation. Apply this product along the temples, wrists, pulse points, throat and jaw when you want to feel grounded and to inhale the woodsy, sweet and herbal scents of essential oils like patchouli, cedarwood and neroli.

The ultimate gifts for runners are the ones that let them know you care

Extra strength balm

Movement is so personal to each of us, and it’s amazing sometimes how it seems like some of us are just born to run. For the people in your lives who feel most alive when they are pounding the pavement (or the trails!), thoughtfully gifting them with clean, natural products to support their healthy routines is a surefire way to win their hearts.

Kristen Rondeau
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Kristen Rondeau
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